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Magnetic universe

Metal spin­ning within metal pro­duces mag­net­ism. A drive shaft becomes mag­netic when it spins. The moon spin­ning (Orbit­ing) around the Earth makes the Earth Mag­netic. Other Plan­ets with moons and rings have mag­ne­tos­phere. Plan­ets with no moon or small moons have no or lit­tle mag­net­ism. Look now at our solar sys­tem, the plan­ets spin­ning around the sun makes the sun mag­netic. Our solar sys­tem is one BIG mag­net. This explains the miss­ing Dark Energy so many sci­en­tists are search­ing for. Soon we will be able to use the mag­net­ism of our solar sys­tem to shoot us into the cos­mos when our chil­dren learn how.

This will take more stud­ies but if it works, we may be able to leave our solar sys­tem at the speed of mag­net­ism. How fast does one mag­net repel another and at what dis­tance does this occur? We will have no fric­tion to slow us down.

Exper­i­ment by orbit­ing our sun from North to South and at the proper time turn up the mini-magnetism of the space­ship and learn what hap­pens. Let’s not turn the mag­net on with the North South the wrong way or we may splash into the sun really quick.

OH scary. Imag­ine the first suc­cess­ful attempt. Tasha9503 still has no Star Trek dampers designed in to the space­ship so I fear all the mag­net­i­cally influ­enced parts of the space­ship going from 97,000 miles an hour to 970,000 miles an hour at a what angle, in the blink of an eye. But I also imag­ine the non mag­netic mate­r­ial, ie, water, dirt, humans, con­tin­u­ing in the orig­i­nal direc­tion at the orig­i­nal speed, leav­ing a bunch of holes in the space­ship walls, which is now far away mov­ing with no crew.

So, our chil­dren will fig­ure that out and will be able to leave this solar sys­tem behind. Then we begin to find the dark Mat­ter so many sci­en­tists are search­ing for.

What is dark mat­ter? The sun and stars are light mat­ter. They burn and pro­duce light. The plan­ets moons and other non burn­ing space mate­r­ial are dark mat­ter. They reflect light but do not pro­duce light. As our chil­dren move out to the nearby stars they must watch out for non lit solar sys­tem. That is, solar sys­tems that are too small to ignite. They pro­duce no light and are too far from burn­ing stars to reflect enough light for our tele­scopes to detect. But there are an esti­mated 20 solar sys­tems with non burn­ing stars for every lit star we can see. Guess they are not called stars but they have lots of metal spin­ning around lots more metal pro­duc­ing more dark energy.

So we will leave ALL that for the next gen­er­a­tion to fig­ure out. This gen­er­a­tion just has to get off this beau­ti­ful planet so they can fig­ure it out.

Once our chil­dren fig­ure out how to use the mag­net­ism of our solar sys­tem to throw us into the cos­mos, they can begin learn­ing how to use the mag­net­ism of our galaxy to shoot us towards the next galaxy. Now we are talk­ing many gen­er­a­tions in the future. Let’s study sev­eral thou­sands of star sys­tems in this galaxy up close before head­ing off to the next galaxy. But first, let this gen­er­a­tion stick to study­ing, our solar sys­tem. We must learn to uti­lize the Aster­oids and cos­mic dust to our best abil­ity. We must get off this beau­ti­ful planet or join the dinosaurs, where ever they may be.

University and NASA space science needed for space travel in this spaceship.

NASA asked the uni­ver­si­ties to design exper­i­ments that can only be stud­ies in space. Unfor­tu­nately Tasha9503 is not yet affil­i­ated with any Uni­ver­sity but we have an exper­i­ment we need studied.

So I am call­ing out to all Uni­ver­si­ties, look­ing for one who would be inter­ested in study­ing solar plasma. Please con­tact Trevor at for unlisted details of the experiment.

Tasha9503 wants to col­lect some plasma but the Uni­ver­sity can keep it, Tasha9503 just wants to be sure we can manip­u­late it as we plan to.

The exper­i­ment will include build­ing three small incom­plete ver­sions of the space­ship tasha9503 has designed, send­ing them up to space, and releas­ing them into the clouds of plasma. The only part of the space­ship we need for these exper­i­ments is the Plas­ma­Core and the first floor and ceil­ing mag­netic wiring.

The hard­ware will resem­ble the space­ship and is to see how much thrust we can pro­duce and what the plasma becomes when cooled.

We have three ver­sions of the exper­i­ment with three pieces of hard ware.

Exper­i­ment One, has both ends of the Hol­low Bar Mag­net (Plas­ma­Core) opened, allow­ing the plasma to be col­lected and the gas it forms to dis­si­pate. Then we exper­i­ment by expelling the col­lected plasma, try­ing to pro­duce thrust and cal­cu­lat­ing the amount of thrust produced.

Exper­i­ment Two, has both ends of the Hol­low Bar Mag­net (Plas­ma­Core) cov­ered but open able with a semi per­me­able mem­brane, allow­ing the plasma to enter but the gas to be retained. Again we want to expel the plasma to cal­cu­late the pro­duced thrust. But this time we want to study the gas the col­lected plasma becomes when it cools as well. How much thrust is pro­duced when allow­ing the gas to escape through one end?

We must know if the insu­la­tion pro­tects the Hard­ware. We must know the tem­per­a­ture of the gas. We must know if the semi per­me­able cover allows plasma to pass but not the gas.

We want to study the gas. And some uni­ver­si­ties are pre­pared for that.

Exper­i­ment Three, has both ends of the Hol­low Bar Mag­net cov­ered. This exper­i­ment is the same as the sec­ond but the hard­ware will be made out of dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als. We want to study the affect alu­minium has when mag­net­i­cally col­lect­ing solar plasma in the PlasmaCore.

Fur­ther exper­i­ments can be per­formed with the same hard­ware. We want to attempt to manip­u­late the plasma by intro­duc­ing dif­fer­ent ele­ments in the cen­ter of the Hol­low Bar Mag­net prior to col­lect­ing the plasma.

Does the intro­duced ele­ment absorb some of the heat from the Plasma and melt, steam or become plasma? Does the plasma attach itself to the ele­ments and mimic it, there by becom­ing orga­nized like the ele­ment and becom­ing the ele­ment. Is the plasma pre orga­nized and always re become what it was when it was last a solid?

We want an inter­ested uni­ver­sity to con­tacts us about these space exper­i­ments so can share more detail as to how to build the hard­ware, the soft ware and other details unlisted here.

Most common questions and comments about these spaceships and space travel.

We get a lot of com­puter cre­ated com­ments repeated daily, to this blog. We kept some but more than 2000 have been removed and we are slowly remov­ing the rest. Should you like to be involved with Tasha9503 by enter­ing a com­ment, make the com­ment about the the con­tents (infor­ma­tion) found on the pages or arti­cles. If your com­ments are about the infor­ma­tion found on the site, other than a “thank you” or “Nice Blog” and include a ques­tion about Tasha9503 or about our plans and the abil­ity to real­ize our goals, we will include the com­ment on our site. We have more than 32 arti­cles, packed with infor­ma­tion about our build­ing space­ships to take peo­ple through out our solar sys­tem or be used as HotelsIn­Space here at Earth and if you request more infor­ma­tion, ask.

When will we build these HotelsInSpace and start space travel in these spaceships.?

When this takes shape is up to you. After we find a few investors, we will begin adver­tis­ing on a global scale. When we find more investors we will hun­ker down and get to work.

Once we have the first $100,000 Spent on adver­tis­ing and we see an income we will put the busi­ness plan in action.

So we hire engi­neers to work out the final plans with accu­rate numbers.

We design the facil­i­ties to build and launch.

We buy the land and build roads.

We build the facil­i­ties and buy supplies.

So, If we had $7,488,000,000 today we would open for rent in 7 years.

The money will start slow and speed up as we progress.

I per­son­ally think we will not open for rent before 12 years but Tasha9503 could open the first space­ship for rent in 10 years if more peo­ple like you sub­scribe, pur­chas­ing $25 per week and own­ing time and profit shares.

One mil­lion peo­ple buy­ing $25/week for seven years. Subscribe.

Long before one quar­ter of you sub­scribe some one will invest millions.

If you buy 51% today, we could build in seven years.

StarTrek­This­Gen­er­a­tion in slow motion.

Tasha9503 does not offer buffer fields, warp drive or beam me up Scottie.

The evolution of DNA into space, in a spaceship, including space travel

All life stud­ied by humans share 3 com­mon­al­i­ties. Sur­vival, Repro­duc­tion and Make It Easier.

Let me tell you a story about Don, Ned and An.
They had life easy and had time to play and think.
While relax­ing together, they dreamed of the three of them liv­ing together and navar being apart. The thing they could do, the things they could share. Their off­spring new the sto­ries. Many laughed at the thought of being attached to some­body. Their off­sp­ing found a way to make those dreams come true.
Three friends could unite and never part and remem­ber­ing the sto­ries Don, Ned and An told, this union called them selves DNA.

DNA could sur­vive, repro­duce and actu­ally found things eas­ier together.
Soon there were lots of DNA with dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ences, dif­fer­ent loca­tions, lan­guages. Then one wanted hold onto another DNA.
Most of the DNA laughed at the one who wanted to hold hands. No one did that before.

Then there were 2 then 4 then 8… DNA try­ing to hold hands and one did it. Well two did it and life became eas­ier. They could help each other con­trol the things in their sur­round­ings eas­ier. But to repro­duce while hold­ing hand, That was impos­si­ble, that was an evo­lu­tion­ary leap. lol.

Evo­lu­tion is laughed at.

Trial and error and then there were two DNA hold­ing hands when repro­duc­ing. Sud­denly there was a string of DNA. Life was sim­pler when two DAN were together, help­ing each outer.

New activ­i­ties, new dreams new skills, new lan­guage, were pro­duced. Always shar­ing the same 3 com­mon­al­i­ties. Sur­vival, Repro­duc­tion and Make It Easier.

Then when there were lots of strings of DNA, one thought about and men­tioned hav­ing two strings hold­ing on to one another help­ing each other sur­vive. This caused a lot of laugh­ter. No one had ever done that before. Why would any­one want to? Life is easy now.

Then two strings fig­ured it out and sud­denly there was a thing we called a Virus.

New activ­i­ties, new lan­guage, new skills and new dreams.

Virus had life easy. Then one virus learned how to hold hands with another less evolved DNA and con­t­role it.

Germs. Evo­lu­tion.

New activ­i­ties, new skills, new lan­guage, new dreams. Travel further.

Even­tu­ally, a group of DNA, all hold­ing hands, decides to build a space­ship it could live in while explor­ing the world out there in safety.

In this space­ship (home) home they could travel fur­ther, live more com­fort­ably and not worry so much about the sur­round­ing threats.

All the oth­ers Strings laughed. No one has done that before. Why would you want to be con­fined to such a lim­ited space? Restricted move­ment, lim­ited vis­i­bil­ity and other rea­sons to not build a home. You had to be able to see the world around you. It had to be semi per­me­able, allow­ing needed stuff like food in and let waste out. You would have to make it dri­vable so you could go where you wanted not just as the water flows, or attach it so it doesn’t float away. It could never be done and some Strings would never want to go in one even if it was built.

But one became two then 4 then 8 and soon, lots of DNA Strings were exper­i­ment­ing at using the stuff avail­able to build a home, a lit­tle space­ship, a cell.

It was done by more than one. Some fig­ured out how to use this stuff and oth­ers used that stuff to build space­ships (cells) to live in. But sud­denly some wanted to stay in the ship when repro­duc­ing. What a laugh that caused. How to do that? Well you would have to cut the space­ship in half so you would end up in one ship and your repro­duc­tion would have the other. More exper­i­ments, more trial and error, new technology.

Some strings of DNA fig­ured it out with the help and con­t­role of less evolved life forms liv­ing with them. Oth­ers fig­ured out slightly dif­fer­ent ways to do it.

Then a space­ship was built and a one celled organ­i­sa­tion, organ­ism, was born. Evolution.

Life went on sur­viv­ing, repro­duc­ing and mak­ing it easier.

Then one cell decided to try to stay attached to the copy it was pro­duc­ing. What a laugh that caused. Why would you want to stay attached to your repro­duc­tion you just made? No one had ever done that before. What a laugh.

Before long, lots of cells were try­ing to learn now to repro­duce with­out seg­ment­ing.  Even­tu­ally one did it and a multi celled organ­ism existed. Now the DNA Strings could travel fur­ther from home with no fear of death. New lan­guage, new abil­i­ties, new sci­ence, new Dreams.

Now some DNA liv­ing in these cells wanted to travel the world and see and learn every­thing. Some of the DNA just wanted to stay put in the lap of lux­ury. Every­thing every DNA needed was avail­able right here why go travel? Your pro­tected here. You will prob­a­bly die out there. Dif­fer­ent DNA tried dif­fer­ent exper­i­ments and suc­ceeded in dif­fer­ent ways at dif­fer­ent things. So some became like plants and some became like shell fish still other suc­ceeded in dif­fer­ent ways and became dif­fer­ent species.

Even­tu­ally some of the DNA, liv­ing in man­u­fac­tured homes (space­ships) we call cells, got washed up on shore to die. Oth­ers got washed back into the water and sur­vived. The ones that sur­vived started to fig­ure out how to sur­vive on land so soon you found plants and ani­mals on land.

The DNA between your legs was born bil­lions of years ago and left the water, flew in the air, and now wants to leave this beau­ti­ful planet behind, evolve.

Your DNA never did leave the water. It took the water with them. The DNA took every­thing it needed to sur­vive, repro­duce and make life eas­ier with them in the cell. That meant tak­ing a host of other cells, all attached and work­ing together, look­ing like an ani­mal or plant.

All along the way laugh­ter was heard in all the lan­guage the DNA use.

Today a few peo­ple look at the space­ships Tasha9503 designed and laugh. Some claim they will never go in one. Some say they will never fly. Some try to find fault and try to dis­cour­age the ambi­tion. Some refuse to lis­ten; some will not watch the video to see the solu­tions to the faults oth­ers find. Many will sub­scribe and for $25/week own a small part (per­cent) of every space­ship (HotelsIn­Space) Tasha9503 has orbit­ing Earth. A few will invest big bucks and take advantage.

Did you ever blame your DNA or the feel­ing you get or the emo­tions you feel. Would you blame your DNA for how you fell and act when you first fall in love? Sud­denly it is like a god is in con­trol. Some­one or some­thing, unknown and uncon­ceive­able, con­trols you. Maybe a God, maybe a DNA.

Animation Request for help so we can start Living In Space

This is where I ask for your non finan­cial support.

At this time I feel we need a new ani­ma­tion. I would like it to show the devel­op­ment of the Heavy Lift Vehi­cle we will be using to build the space­ship with, but can­not afford the pro­duc­tion yet.

I am ask­ing all my read­ers if you know some­one who can take a bunch of draw­ings found at (under ‘pic­tures’ and ‘con­tinue’), and make a video accord­ing to our needs and wants. The dimen­sions have altered.

The com­pany that pro­duced the first video showed what it will look like with no inte­rior dec­o­ra­tion added.

But we need a new video produced.

We want a video that starts with a Sat­urn V rocket sit­ting on a launch pad beside a Shut­tle and a sub­ma­rine stand­ing on end, all to scale.

Then we want to dis­sect the Sat­urn V, the Shut­tle and the Sub and install the hard­ware in the new rocket design, show­ing how we take the used tech­nol­ogy and put it in the newly shaped rocket show­ing that every­thing we need has been done before.

A word cloud can appear above the hard ware as it moves from one rocket to the next.

Rocket engine, fuel tank, com­put­ers, mon­i­tors, are puri­fiers, water puri­fiers, plumb­ing, toi­lets, etc.

The tasha9503 design for the rocket will be sit­ting on the launch pad, drawn to scale as the parts of the other three crafts disappear.

Then a 213 pas­sen­ger land­ing craft will be placed on top and attached.

The new rocket and land­ing craft blasts off and when it gets to orbit, the land­ing craft will be released robot­i­cally and seen approach­ing a com­pleted HotelsInSpace.

The newly shaped rocket will be seen approach­ing a space­ship with miss­ing parts, still under construction.

The rocket will then attach itself to the other 5 and begin to use the robotic arms to take itself apart like a trans­former and put itself back together ren­o­vated into the new shape of a spaceship.

The video will also show one of the robotic arms reach­ing into a Car­goBay and pulling out a satel­lite. Then the arm passes the satel­lite to an arm that is attached to the larger sec­tion. The sec­ond arm then begins to spin around the space­ship and releases the satel­lite, sling­ing it into the cos­mos to its own orbit. Then a sec­ond arm will be seen hold­ing a used rocket engine. The viewer will then see the robotic arm use the rocket engine as a catcher’s mitt and col­lect a piece of space junk. Then a quick view of one of the space­ships min­ing the rings of Sat­urn fol­lowed by another space­ship using four of its arms to hold a small aster­oid as the other two robotic arms dis­sect it. The two arm dis­sect­ing the Aster­oid will also be seen plac­ing the pieces of aster­oid into one of the CargoBays,

So you know we need a video, you know what the video needs to show and you know some­one who is able to pro­duce the video. Can you help us get it together?
Now we need advertising.

Orbiting the moon when living in space for space travel.

The first time one of these pieces of infra­struc­ture (Space­ships) leaves Earth to go any ware, it will move to orbit the Moon once and return to orbit the Earth.

This is when we learn at what strength our mini mag­ne­tos­phere must be to pro­tect the plant and human life within.

We must send humans or other liv­ing things like dogs, cats, rats, or mon­keys to experiment.

We start with the mag­ne­tos­phere turned on full to pass through the Earth mag­ne­tos­phere, the Van Allan Belt.

After pass­ing the Earth’s mag­ne­tos­phere, as we orbit the moon and return, we will slowly reduce the strength of our mini mag­ne­tos­phere until we see dam­age to the infra­struc­ture or see dam­age to the living.

Then we increase the strength by 10% to ensure the safety of pas­sen­gers and pass back through the Earth’s mag­ne­tos­phere again.

Doing this, we learn how much plasma we can col­lect when our mini-magnetosphere is set to dif­fer­ent lev­els while pro­tect­ing the life within.

Should we be able to turn the mini mag­ne­tos­phere off and life sur­vive the solar plasma threat, then other orga­ni­za­tions can organ­ise land­ings on the Moon and Mars.

Tasha9503 has no plans to set up camps on any planet or moon within this solar sys­tem. Once we have a space­ship that will sus­tain life, com­plete with the abil­ity to mine Aster­oids and mete­ors for main­te­nance pur­poses, why would we want to con­fine our­self to another planet. The fuel to launch off the moon or planet will not be avail­able with­out a lot of pre plans.

To Sell a Spaceship for space travel.

To Sell a spaceship

To see this project through, funds must be raised, so a pro­gram has been devel­oped list­ing most of the pos­i­tive aspects of using this newly designed rocket.

Time in the Space­ship is being sold by the sec­ond, $3.30/second, sold in lots of $25 via PayPal.

Tasha9503 needs 1,000,000 peo­ple to Sub­scribe, invest­ing $25/week for seven years via PayPal.

Sub­scribers will own time shares in the Space­ship with profit shares.

Each Pay­Pal trans­ac­tion is treated as a lot­tery ticket for one of the 213 seats each launch.

That would work, or we can sell to some­one else.

2,000 peo­ple invest­ing $3,500,000 each will pay for the real­iza­tion of this dream.

The % you own will be used to cal­cu­late profit shares.

25% of all rental income will be used as profit shares.

The % you own will be used to cal­cu­late a time share.

If you own 1.914 days per year in the first Space­ship, you will own 9.57 days when there is five Spaceships.

You will own 19.14 days per year when we have ten Space­ships orbit­ing Earth.

Subscriber’s unused time will be car­ried over to the next year.

Tasha9503 plans to mass pro­duce between 2 and 8 Space­ships yearly.


In Jan­u­ary of 2011, invest­ment agen­cies around the world were con­tacted look­ing for large sums of money needed to kick start this project.

The text sent kept chang­ing until the fol­low­ing was set­tled on.


We have a design for a 100% reusable rocket for sale.

Why own this new design for a rocket?

- Saves every­one money on launch costs.

- Pro­duces Zero­Space­Junk other than fuel exhaust.

- Includes the abil­ity to col­lect old SpaceJunk.

- Pro­duces hun­dreds of Astro­nauts per launch.

- Pro­duces infra­struc­ture that can be used as a Spaceship.

- Deigned with expan­sion capa­bil­i­ties, Phase 2.

- Is for sale between now and the day we open for rent.

- Is designed to pro­duce an ongo­ing profit.

Infra­struc­ture includes

- Life sup­port for 36 peo­ple on AwayMissions.

- Sleep­ing for 216 party guests.

- Restau­rant seat­ing for 192 people.

- Six lev­els of arti­fi­cial grav­ity between Zero and Two times Earth’s gravity.

- Six large social­iz­ing arias.

- Six large sport and gam­ing arias.

- Six indi­vid­ual Zero­Grav­ity sec­tions for sci­ence, sports and sex and games.

- Six sep­a­rate gar­den­ing sec­tions for AwayMissions.

- Eigh­teen loung­ing arias.

- 72 units that each sleeps 3 for rent.

With your help we could mass pro­duce Space­ship, lift­ing six satel­lites, 213 peo­ple and 1/6 of the next Space­ship each launch.

A profit is made lift­ing satellites.

We attach, clean, ren­o­vate and reuse six rock­ets to pro­duce one Spaceship.

Each launch lifts a robotic arm so each space­ship has 6 robotic arms.

Profit is pro­duced rent­ing the Spaceship.

Fund­ing is needed to get the busi­ness off the ground.

The day we open for rent is the day we stop sell­ing the business.

85% of the busi­ness is being sold to raise funds.

25% of rental income will pro­duce profit shares.

Youtube is being used to show what the basic infra­struc­ture will look like, with­out newly devel­oped tech­nol­ogy or inte­rior decorations.

With your help we could mass pro­duce mul­ti­ple Space­ships yearly.

Busi­ness Plan

Outer view



First web site from years ago.

This blog.


Learn­ing that doing any­thing is pos­si­ble but doing every­thing was not, my atten­tion turned to space.


$2,000,000 buys the use of one unit for one week every year We have one space­ship hear at earth. We plan to have 10 space­ships here at Earth before we take one on an AwayMission.

$2,000,000 buys approx­i­mately 0.0228937% of all the infra­struc­ture Tasha9503 puts in outer space. 

The struggle Part 2

Before plac­ing each satel­lite in its indi­vid­ual orbit, the infra­struc­ture must be ren­o­vated and cleaned.

Once the Space­ship is oper­a­tional, one of the six robotic arms can be used to reach into the cargo bay, extract one of the satel­lites and begin spin­ning around the infra­struc­ture at a pre-designated speed.

Releas­ing the satel­lite, at the proper time, can place (throw) satel­lites into any orbit around our sun.

To reuse 100% of the HLV, even a use for the rocket engines was found.

With a lit­tle pre design engi­neer­ing, each rocket engine can be used as catcher‘s mitts, held by one or two of the robotic arms, catch­ing Space­Junk that passes close.

This same abil­ity can also be used at the Aster­oid Belt to cap­ture small aster­oids to study and mine.


Hav­ing some of the infra­struc­ture spin­ning within more of the infra­struc­ture that is spin­ning in the oppo­site direc­tion, all spin­ning around a piece of the infra­struc­ture that is sta­tion­ary pro­duces a mag­netic field sim­i­lar to Earth‘s magnetosphere.

Again with a lit­tle wiring we can increase the mag­ne­tos­phere if we need to.

The cen­ter of the infra­struc­ture has been left empty, hol­low, so all col­lected mag­netic solar radi­a­tion (plasma) will be mag­net­i­cally pro­pelled into the hol­low core.

Bor­row­ing from Star Trek, the cen­ter of the infra­struc­ture got named the PlasmaCore.

Exper­i­ment with cap­ping the ends of the Plasma core and col­lect­ing the gasses as we cool thee plsma.

Learn­ing form the Hadron Col­lider, the same tech­nol­ogy can be used to expel the col­lected plasma, pro­duc­ing a lit­tle trust.

The mini mag­ne­tos­phere allows the col­lec­tion of fuel (plasma) as we travel from one aster­oid to the next.

Cool the plasma to extract energy.

Col­lect­ing the plasma also opens whole new sciences.

What is it when we cool it to a gas?

How much thrust can be pro­duced releas­ing the gas?

What is it when we cool it to a liq­uid and how can we use that?

What is it when we cool it to a solid and how can we use it then?

Jan­u­ary First 2010, the idea was taken to the world with plans to mass pro­duce this Spaceship.

Invest­ment agen­cies around the world were e-mailed, intro­duc­ing them to the idea, hop­ing to find funds.

In 1988 the ques­tion was asked, why can we not mine the Aster­oid Belt to gather the mate­r­ial needed to man­u­fac­ture liv­ing accom­mo­da­tions on loca­tion if the Earth stops sup­port­ing humans?

The most com­mon answer was…

It will never happen.

The sec­ond most com­mon answer was…

It will take 50 years.

Sto­ries were remem­bered about Christo­pher Colum­bus being warned that if he sailed too far from land, he would fall off the edge of the Earth.

Sto­ries about how Thomas Edi­son worked in secret so he was not laughed at, try­ing to build the oil­less light, the elec­tric light bulb.

Sto­ries about the cave man being cursed by the fam­ily for brin­ing fire into the cave and sto­ries about ‘It will never fly Orville, you should be help­ing your dad on the farm’ buoyed me on.

Each rocket launch for the Space­ship will include the blue prints and tools to make the tools needed to repro­duce the space­ship at the Aster­oid Belt.

Then still, the Space­ship needs to be with-in a larger mag­ne­tos­phere of a planet to allow the extrac­tion of the all the newly cre­ated pieces from the min­ing of the Aster­oid Belt, to pro­duce the new Spaceship.


Today, the last miss­ing link is funding.

Tax dol­lars paid to pro­duce the tech­nol­ogy needed to build

The Japan­ese paid for maglev technology.

Cana­di­ans gave robotics.

The space race paid for rocket science.

The met­al­lur­gists gave light strong materials.

Uni­ver­si­ties gave computers.

Peo­ple can grow gar­dens indoor.

Peo­ple have air con­di­tion­ers, water puri­fiers and car­bon scrubbers.

Tech­nol­ogy lets human waste quickly become pot­ting soil.

The Land­ing Craft (CRV) will land up to 213 peo­ple from outer space and will be about the size of the Shuttle.

Who is Tasha9503? ?

Trevor Hugh Makondo Cooper and every one listed on

Peo­ple, who con­tribute to the real­iza­tion of this project, with­out being paid, are listed as owners.

Will you join them/us?

All of this has been done before but this now with a new application.

Tasha9503 needs qual­i­fied peo­ple to…

- Unite all the technologies.

- Design the equip­ment to build the HLV.

- Con­tract out the design and pro­duc­tion of the CRV.

- Design the fac­to­ries to house the equip­ment to pro­duce the newly designed rockets.

- Buy the land on top of a moun­tain along the Equa­tor to build on.

- Build the roads, launch pad and hous­ing facilities.

The struggle

The Strug­gle

The fol­low­ing years were spent rais­ing aware­ness, try­ing to get peo­ple to take an inter­est, talk­ing about hol­i­days in space, Zero­Grav­i­ty­Sex. Avoid­ing the word spaceship.

The Ottawa streets were walked, post­ing up lit­tle post it‘s about HotelsIn­Space and LivingInSpace.

Some peo­ple say they don’t like to fly but they would like to own a piece of the infra­struc­ture so they could col­lect profit shares.

A plan to rent the units in the hotels for $1,000,000 per week, maybe a lit­tle less, to pro­duce profit shares ful­filled that dream.

Not hav­ing access to the esti­mated $7.5BUSD to get these Space­ships off the ground, stopped for­ward momentum.

Like the ISS, Phase II will wrap around where the robotic arms held on.

If the use of the hotel units was sold for $2,000,000 per week on a time and profit share, Con­do­minium style, it could be built.

This space­ship could be mass pro­duced just like the automobile.

In 1988 some of that con­ver­sa­tion was about zero grav­ity sex, build­ing APlaceInSpaceToPlay.

Learn­ing that launch­ing from a moun­tain top would require less fuel because of the reduced grav­ity and being past the thick­est part of the atmos­phere suf­fer less fric­tion, led to the idea of buy­ing a moun­tain along the Equator.

Once a moun­tain is pur­chased, the roads fac­to­ries and launch pad built, how many of the Space­ship we pro­duce is a ques­tion of how fast we can launch 6 more rockets.

Buy­ing Rocket fuel and find­ing clien­tal would be the next speed bump.

If we mass pro­duce one new rocket every week we would be pro­duc­ing eight new Space­ships every year.

A few draw­ings were slapped on the inter­net to pro­tect the design from being lost in 2005.

Money was invested to pay some­one to pro­duce an ani­ma­tion from the Auto­CAD draw­ings in 2007.

In 2008, 100 t-shirts were printed with ‘tasha9503’ ‘HotelsIn­Space’ and ‘APla­ceIn­Space­To­Play’ across the back and front for advertising.

A Face­Book account was opened to put all the pic­tures on for the world to see.

All that was afford­able was free advertising.

Found attached to each Face­Book account was a Year­Book account, so another place to post the pho­tos was used.

All the pic­tures are now avail­able on three Year­book accounts.

In 2009 a busi­ness plan was drawn up, a one year free Pay­Pal account was acquired and the ani­ma­tion was all avail­able on the internet.

All the prob­lems that the peo­ple talked about were solved with this design and more.

Should a rock fall out of the sky 1 kilo­me­tre diam­e­ter, I would like to know some­one is watch­ing from afar. The Aster­oid Belt is far enough.

Peo­ple talked about ver­tigo and not hav­ing win­dows elim­i­nated that illusion.

Peo­ple talked about bone and mus­cle degen­er­a­tion and by spin­ning parts of the infra­struc­ture we pro­duce arti­fi­cial grav­ity remov­ing the bone and mus­cle degradation.

Spin­ning the infra­struc­ture also pro­duces sta­bil­ity and a Magnetosphere.

Each Space­ship will include six lev­els of arti­fi­cial grav­ity between 0g and 2g.

The amount of grav­ity on Earth at sea level is deter­mined to be 1, referred to as 1g.

Ath­letes spend­ing time in the 2g sec­tions may find new strength when they return to Earth.

Each Space­ship can be attached to two other Space­ships, end to end pro­duc­ing larger infrastructure.

Peo­ple talked about food, but as long as the infra­struc­ture is Low in Earth‘s Orbit (LEO) we can lift the needed food with the peo­ple who are plan­ning to eat the food.

In 1988, a vehi­cle to take us to the aster­oid belt was discussed.

Gar­dens were designed into the infra­struc­ture to feed 36 peo­ple on AwayMis­sions which is any mis­sion past the Moon, are assumed to last 99 years.

Peo­ple talked about bath­rooms and so plumb­ing has been included so each unit has a sink, toi­let and bathing facilities.

Each Space­ship will include six large Zero­Grav­ity sec­tions for games, sports, sci­ence and sex.

Each Space­ship will include every­thing seen at and more, as new tech­nolo­gies allows.

Now, imag­ine the walls cov­ered with iPad technology.

You will be able to walk up to any wall and touch an apt. to open what­ever apt. is available.

It took a lot of years but in 2000 the dream was pos­si­ble with plans and a design.


Few liked the name Tasha9503 and the deci­sion to change the name from Tasha9503 to HotelsIn­Space was accepted. How about just call­ing it, spaceship.

Tasha9503, HotelsIn­Space or Space­ship is offer­ing outer space to the masses of people.

If Pluto, Sat­urn, Mars or Venus were still stars, we could go to the stars, but never land on one.

Build­ing each Space­ship from 6 iden­ti­cal used rock­ets (HLV) means redun­dancy of all needed life sup­port sys­tems is to the sixth or twelfth.

To lower the launch cost, mak­ing the infra­struc­ture afford­able, each launch has been designed to lift six satel­lite pay­loads along with a 213 pas­sen­ger land­ing craft.

In 2009, it cost $20,000,000 to lift one satellite.

Charg­ing $7,000,000 for each of the six satel­lites low­ers the cost for each and pays for the launch.

200 of 213 pas­sen­gers pay­ing $100,000 each, for air fare, will pro­duce a profit.

One of the 213 seats of each launch is ded­i­cated to a draw for an owner who uses Pay­Pal to buy in.

12 of the pas­sen­ger seats are for staff.

Many peo­ple showed a will­ing­ness to be a staff member.

Chefs, jan­i­tors, maids, and gar­den­ers, along with the pilots, doc­tors, engi­neers and com­man­ders etc. will be needed.