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This video illus­trates how the inte­rior of the HotelsIn­Space will look. The inte­rior dec­o­ra­tions have not been added yet. The scenery is con­ceived by Trevor Cooper and is illus­trated as a walk through show­ing where we put every­thing mak­ing the cre­ation pos­si­ble. This is a space­ship that we can build with six launches and take beyond Mars. Space travel will soon be avail­able. We can also use these space­ships as HotelsIn­Space allow­ing 216 guests. With the 6 robotic arms we can begin col­lect­ing space junk.
What we need you to do is tell every one about us. Post our link every ware. Tweet about us. about us. Post our link in your face­book sta­tus. Help us get the word out. If you tell 1000 peo­ple and they tell 1000 peo­ple, we could build in 7 years. If you tell two peo­ple and hope they tell two peo­ple, we will build in 50 years. How soon we build is up to you.



  1. livinginspace says:

    When look­ing at all these other designs for space crafts, we con­sid­ered the restric­tions that must be adhered to to allow life to pass the moon.
    How to build with 6 launches and include space or food growth, space to play, abil­i­ties to manip­u­late exter­nal objects, and a fuel to manoeu­vre within our solar sys­tem. Included in each HotelsIn­Space are air and water scrub­bers and fil­ters located on every floor.

  2. John has informed me that we are using ‘s services.

  3. For­tu­nately I had lit­tle to do with this or any blog. My peo­ple take care of all but the writ­ing and they even help with that. As you must assume, I can­not put peo­ple in space on my own. Other peo­ple make their con­tri­bu­tions. So sorry I will not make sug­ges­tions. Other read­ers who are bet­ter able to make sug­ges­tion are invited to do so.

  4. In 1988, when it was impos­si­ble to fly to the Aster­oid Belt to mine, smelt and man­u­fac­ture liv­ing accom­mo­da­tion on site, I started ask­ing ALL the peo­ple why it is impos­si­ble. Every­one had an answer. With those answers in hand, I watched the sci­ences and busi­ness and read the books, look­ing for the answers to those stop­pers. One by one I found the solu­tions that even­tu­ally lead to the design Tasha9503 accepted as a viable, func­tional and prof­itable design for a piece of infra­struc­ture we could inex­pen­sively put in space. After 20 years of deal­ing with this one topic, it all makes sense to me. If you could write me again and dis­cus the jumps in logic you hinted at, I will attempt to fill in the miss­ing blanks.

  5. Well, the good stuff has been cov­ered. Now it is time for the bor­ing stuff. I need you to help me get back to the good stuff. There is a lot to write about. I need to know what parts you want to read about. I come to read the com­ments look­ing for ques­tions I can answer and use those ques­tions to design the next arti­cle. I need peo­ple to ask the ques­tions so I know what to write about. Please ask the questions.

  6. Could you be a lot more spe­cific when ask­ing for more infor­ma­tion? I have touched sev­eral of the top­ics con­cern­ing humans Livin­gIn­Space. I look for ques­tions, so I can direct my posts towards the infor­ma­tion peo­ple show an inter­est in. What sub­ject should I elab­o­rate on?

  7. This is one solu­tion to the death of Earth. Whether it be human pol­lu­tion or a comet or Earth mov­ing too close to the sun, if humans stay on Earth, we WILL go the way of the dinosaurs. With the space­ship Tasha9503 designed, some life from Earth will be able to pass the moon and head out into the cos­mos and live on regard­less of the health on Earth. With this same space­ship, more peo­ple of Earth can expe­ri­ence Livin­gIn­Space than will ever hap­pen if we leave space man­age­ment in the hands of the governments.

  8. Well thanks for the com­ment. How­ever non of what I have included is orig­i­nal. Some­one else invented the rock­ets. Some­one else invented the com­put­ers. Some­one else invented the air puri­fiers. Some­one else invented the water puri­fiers. Some­one else invented the MAGlev tech­nol­ogy. Some­one else invented the … All I did is put it all together in a design that saves every­one money and time. All I did is put it all together in a way that will allow humans to fly to the stars. OK Venus and Mars are no longer stars and though these HotelsIn­Space will take a crew to orbit Venus, Mars and beyond, they will not travel to the Stars. That will be for the next gen­er­a­tion to fig­ure out.

  9. A man named John built this site. He took care of every­thing but one pic­ture. I wanted the pic­ture and he did not. He added the pic­ture. All I do is add text, accept or delete com­ments and reply to questions.

  10. In 1988 it was impos­si­ble to take humans to the Aster­oid Belt, but I wanted to. So I paid atten­tion to every­thing won­der­ing how I could use that infor­ma­tion to help me get off this beau­ti­ful planet. I had gath­ered a lot of infor­ma­tion between 1988 and 1995 but it was still impos­si­ble, so I kept few records. To be hon­est, a lot of the infor­ma­tion came from the Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel with Jay Ingram and his many co-hosts. More came from news arti­cles. Every­thing I learned I won­dered how that infor­ma­tion could be used to get me where I wanted to go. Lots of peo­ple though I spent my life in a daze and I guess I did. Gaz­ing into a future they could not see. Other peo­ple made this space­ship pos­si­ble. I just reor­gan­ised and reshaped all their work so it would work for me and my dreams. Luck­ily, many peo­ple share my dream. Now I need them to see how my deign can help them real­ize their dreams. I guess first I need one mil­lion peo­ple to see my dream. sec­ond I need 0.0012% of the peo­ple to get involved.

  11. What search words did you use that helped you find ?

  12. I have now sub­mit­ted 30 arti­cles through this weblog. How many have you read? Do you know the story? Do you want us to mass pro­duce these space­ships? Do you want to own the space­ships we build? If so ‘Donate’ or ‘Subscribe’.

  13. I would cor­rect the spelling if you tell me what words, how to spell them and what arti­cle or page the words are found on.

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