Animation Request for help so we can start Living In Space

This is where I ask for your non finan­cial support.

At this time I feel we need a new ani­ma­tion. I would like it to show the devel­op­ment of the Heavy Lift Vehi­cle we will be using to build the space­ship with, but can­not afford the pro­duc­tion yet.

I am ask­ing all my read­ers if you know some­one who can take a bunch of draw­ings found at (under ‘pic­tures’ and ‘con­tinue’), and make a video accord­ing to our needs and wants. The dimen­sions have altered.

The com­pany that pro­duced the first video showed what it will look like with no inte­rior dec­o­ra­tion added.

But we need a new video produced.

We want a video that starts with a Sat­urn V rocket sit­ting on a launch pad beside a Shut­tle and a sub­ma­rine stand­ing on end, all to scale.

Then we want to dis­sect the Sat­urn V, the Shut­tle and the Sub and install the hard­ware in the new rocket design, show­ing how we take the used tech­nol­ogy and put it in the newly shaped rocket show­ing that every­thing we need has been done before.

A word cloud can appear above the hard ware as it moves from one rocket to the next.

Rocket engine, fuel tank, com­put­ers, mon­i­tors, are puri­fiers, water puri­fiers, plumb­ing, toi­lets, etc.

The tasha9503 design for the rocket will be sit­ting on the launch pad, drawn to scale as the parts of the other three crafts disappear.

Then a 213 pas­sen­ger land­ing craft will be placed on top and attached.

The new rocket and land­ing craft blasts off and when it gets to orbit, the land­ing craft will be released robot­i­cally and seen approach­ing a com­pleted HotelsInSpace.

The newly shaped rocket will be seen approach­ing a space­ship with miss­ing parts, still under construction.

The rocket will then attach itself to the other 5 and begin to use the robotic arms to take itself apart like a trans­former and put itself back together ren­o­vated into the new shape of a spaceship.

The video will also show one of the robotic arms reach­ing into a Car­goBay and pulling out a satel­lite. Then the arm passes the satel­lite to an arm that is attached to the larger sec­tion. The sec­ond arm then begins to spin around the space­ship and releases the satel­lite, sling­ing it into the cos­mos to its own orbit. Then a sec­ond arm will be seen hold­ing a used rocket engine. The viewer will then see the robotic arm use the rocket engine as a catcher’s mitt and col­lect a piece of space junk. Then a quick view of one of the space­ships min­ing the rings of Sat­urn fol­lowed by another space­ship using four of its arms to hold a small aster­oid as the other two robotic arms dis­sect it. The two arm dis­sect­ing the Aster­oid will also be seen plac­ing the pieces of aster­oid into one of the CargoBays,

So you know we need a video, you know what the video needs to show and you know some­one who is able to pro­duce the video. Can you help us get it together?
Now we need advertising.

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