AwayMissions when LivingInSpace in spaceships in space.

The space­ships can­not be used to land on any moon or planet, but they will be able to trans­port land­ing vehi­cles. Research has regarded the lev­els of radi­a­tion beyond the Earth’s mag­ne­tos­phere as lethal. Each space­ship will pro­duce its own mag­ne­tos­phere pro­duc­ing pro­tec­tion from radi­a­tion. Upon leav­ing the Earth’s mag­ne­tos­phere, new stud­ies may be per­formed regard­ing mag­netic plasma. Mag­netic plasma will be col­lected within our cen­ter Plas­ma­Core, and the prop­er­ties of the col­lected plasma will be stud­ied for its use as pro­pel­lant. We plan to mag­net­i­cally eject the plasma from the Plas­ma­Core to pro­duce thrust. We also plan to sep­a­rate small amounts of the plasma at dif­fer­ent tem­per­a­tures and pres­sures with mul­ti­pur­pose plans.
One plan is to extract energy as we cool it. The sec­ond plan is to allow the gas it cools to to be vented, pro­duc­ing thrust. The third plan is to study the gas that the plasma cools to. The fourth plan is to con­tinue to cool the gas for study pur­poses until it is a liq­uid and even­tu­ally a solid col­lect­ing energy all the time. Depend­ing on the sub­stance the plasma becomes as it cools, plans will be modified.

Once we can col­lect fuel for propul­sion as we travel through space we can begin AwayMis­sions. Depend­ing on who owns the first space­ship that passes the Moon, the Mis­sion state­ment may vary.

Once Tasha9503 owns 10 space­ship in orbit, our first AwayMis­sion will begin.
To the Aster­oid belt we will go, where all the needed sub­stance will be found, mined, smelted and man­u­fa­tured into more liv­ing accom­mo­da­tions in space.

Under the con­di­tion some orga­ni­za­tion invests enough funds into Tasha9503 to own more than 10% of Tasha9503, that orga­ni­za­tion may trade their % of the space­ships at Earth and take their own past the Moon before we have ten built. As we pro­duce more space­ships they may con­tinue to trade own­er­ship of the ones at Earth and take more on AwayMis­sions.
Each time some­one takes a space­ship pace the moon, the rest of the own­ers will own more of the space­ships here at Earth. Peo­ple who only buy a days worth of time in the first space­ship will soon own a week then two and more.

Sup­port­ing these spaceships

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