Business Plan

Busi­ness Plan Updated March 10, 2012

Mis­sion Statement

Tasha9503 is in busi­ness to put mas­sive num­bers of peo­ple in space at a low cost.
Tasha9503 is in busi­ness to pro­duce Infra­struc­ture in LEO that can be used to col­lect Space Junk, clean­ing up our fly zone.
Tasha9503 is in ‚to take 12 per­son crews beyond the moon.
Tasha9503is in busi­ness to pro­duce a low cost method of putting hard-ware (Satel­lites) in orbit.Tasha9503 is design­ing HotelsIn­Space that includes the first four Pri­or­i­ties in our Mis­sion state­ment. We are look­ing for three dis­tinct mar­kets. First, com­pa­nies who want their Satel­lite pay­loads lifted for 1/3 the cur­rent price. Sec­ond, peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tions who want to own the infra­struc­ture we put in orbit. Third, for cus­tomers who want to rent time in the HotelsInSpace.

First mar­ket lift­ing Satel­lites
We have com­pe­ti­tion in this sec­tion of our ser­vices. Sev­eral Gov­ern­ment estab­lish­ments are now offer­ing Satel­lite Launch­ing Ser­vices. We will be offer­ing this launch ser­vice at 1/3 the cost.

Sec­ond Mar­ket Own­ing Infra­struc­ture in LEO
Tasha9503 is sell­ing time and profit shares to any­one who wants to own (infra­struc­ture) HotelsIn­Space we put in orbit. There are a few orga­ni­za­tions which are plan­ning to offer hotel ser­vice in space. Tasha9503 is design­ing a Heavy Lift Vehi­cle (HLV) to lift their pay­loads into LEO for a price.

Third Mar­ket Rent
We will be look­ing for cus­tomers who want to rent time in HotelsInSpace.

Form of Own­er­ship
Tasha9503 started out as a sole pro­pri­etary com­pany but began to sell off own­er­ship of the com­pany in 2010. Trevor will be retain­ing 15% own­er­ship of Tasha9503, the remain­der 85% will be sold to cre­ate an income to cover the remain­der of the cost to start pro­duc­ing the newly designed HLV.

Com­pany His­tory
In 1988 the dream of was put to the chal­lenge. Why can we not mine,
smelt and man­u­fac­ture repro­duc­tions at the Aster­oid Belt. Between 1988 and 1995, the
tech­nol­ogy to allow HotelsIn­Space was devel­oped and per­fected by the space agen­cies
around the world, the biol­ogy sci­ences around the world and the met­al­lurgy sci­ences around the world. Trevor watched the devel­op­ment of all the needed tech­nolo­gies until every­thing needed was devel­oped. In 2005, after all the needed tech­nol­ogy was devel­oped, Trevor sat down and began redesign­ing the HLV to allow all four points of our mis­sion state­ment to be fulfilled.

Our new design allows us to lift 6 satel­lites pay­loads per launch and a 200 pas­sen­ger land­ing craft to also share the launch costs. After reach­ing LEO with our HLV, we can con­nect six used HLV together to pro­duce one more HotelsIn­Space. Each of these HotelsIn­Space includes six robotic arms to be used to col­lect space junk as well as place the indi­vid­ual Satel­lite pay­loads into their respec­tive orbits.

Most impor­tant strengths and com­pe­ten­cies.
Tasha9503 has been col­lect­ing the sci­ences allow­ing the offer of mul­ti­ple satel­lite pay­loads per launch, reduc­ing price per launch. Tasha9503 will be the only launch ser­vice that lifts 200 peo­ple per launch at an afford­able cost of $100,000US each. Tasha9503 is design­ing HotelsIn­Space that includes six lev­els of arti­fi­cial grav­ity to remove the degra­da­tion of bones and mus­cles.
Sig­nif­i­cant chal­lenges the com­pany faces now and in the near future Tasha9503 can not com­plete this project until we have spent $7,488,000,000 US. To col­lect the fund­ing we will be sell­ing 85% of the Infra­struc­ture we put in LEO. The funds are
needed for:
• Pro­duce ani­ma­tions show­ing the world how we plan to accom­plish our goals.
• Adver­tise.
• Buy the needed Tech­nol­ogy.
• Com­plete the redesign of the HLV with the new tech­nol­ogy.
• Shop for land to build on.
• Change the launch facil­ity laws in the coun­try where the land we find is.
• Buy the land.
• Build roads, fac­to­ries, launch pad, Solar and wind farms.
• Pay heat hydro and water charges.
• Buy the raw mate­ri­als to build the first HLV.
• Build and launch the first HLV.
• Build and launch five more HLV.
• Con­nect 6 used HLV together, clean, ren­o­vate, launch 36 satel­lites and open for
• Pay the taxes
Long Term, Tasha9503 plans to mass pro­duce these HLV at a rate of one per month,
min­i­mum. At that rate we will be putting two HotelsIn­Space per year. We are hop­ing to pro­duce the HLV at one per week and putting 8 HotelsIn­Space every year. Each
HotelsIn­Space includes 72 units for rent. Each unit includes sleep­ing for three at one time, one shower stall, one sink and one toi­let. Rent­ing each unit will be priced at one mil­lion dol­lars per week.

Prod­ucts and Ser­vices
The prod­uct we will mass pro­duce is HotelsIn­Space, APla­ceIn­Space­To­Play, a trans­port
vehi­cle to take 12 per­son crews past the moon and a low cost Satel­lite Launch facility.

The ser­vice we pro­vide is:
• Lift­ing pay­ing pas­sen­gers to HotelsIn­Space
• Lift­ing satel­lite pay­loads to orbit.
• Remov­ing the space junk cur­rently in LEO.
• Pro­duc­ing trans­port vehi­cles to pass the moon for Away Mis­sions.
To col­lect the $7,488,000,000.00, we are sell­ing the first 72 units on a time and profit share plan for $2,000,000/Week
72 (units) x 52 (weeks) x $2,000,000 = $7,488,000,000.00

Mar­ket Research
Using inter­net chat lines, we are find­ing a large minor­ity of peo­ple would like to use the facil­i­ties we will be putting in orbit. A few peo­ple have not been watch­ing the sci­ences and do not agree that this is all pos­si­ble with 1995 technologies.

Mar­ket­ing Plan
Peo­ple around the world will be approached to buy into Tasha9503. For the first fifty years, their tax dol­lars paid for the space indus­tries but we own nun of it. Now peo­ple can own the infra­struc­ture we put in space, so every time some one rents, they col­lect profit shares.
• Our mar­ket­ing started with putting a quick web­site on line to pro­tect the copy­right.
• Com­pa­nies were approached to con­vert our draw­ings into an ani­ma­tion to show the
world what we will be doing and the ani­ma­tions were put on line.
• We ask every per­son who shows an inter­est to add our link
to all their inter­net sites. Pay­Pal was con­tacted to allow peo­ple to make pur­chases
and become own­ers and that was the intro­duced between the web site and the
• We email adver­tised in major cities in Brazil China, USA, Spain, etc.
• News and sci­ence pro­gram­ming will be con­tacted regard­ing cov­er­ing our story.
• We will run our ani­ma­tions on TV for expo­sure.
• We will con­tact every mag­a­zine that shows an inter­est in the future of the space indus­try.
• We will test PayPer­Clicks in par­tic­u­lar coun­tries.
• PayPer­Click may be tried for 5,000 clicks but that has not been decided.
After sale ser­vices:
Own­ers have an accu­mu­la­tive time share. Each time share can be used every year and if they do not use the time share for years, an owner can use all the un-used time at one time.
Each time a cus­tomer pays rent, 25% of funds col­lected will be set aside for profit shares.
Each owner will receive a profit share equal to the % of the infra­struc­ture they own and every month the share is equal to $100 or more, a check will be issued. Every per­son or orga­ni­za­tion that sub­scribes to Tasha9503 will be entered into our lot­tery.
When sub­scrib­ing, each weekly pay­ment will be con­sid­ered a pur­chase of one addi­tional lot­tery ticket. Each launch will have one seat set aside to lift our lot­tery winners.

In 2010 we only have com­pe­ti­tion in the satel­lite launch ser­vice. No com­pany is plan­ning to remove the space junk. We know of no com­pany plan­ning to lift more than 10 peo­ple per launch and we know of only one com­pany which plans to offer Hotel ser­vices in space.

Niche Com­pany
Tasha9503 will be a one of a kind com­pany, who sat­is­fies many needed ser­vices, low­ers the cost and cor­rects a major launch ser­vice provider mis­take, i.e. Space junk. All our prod­ucts are 100% reusable, profit pro­duc­ing and fun to own.

Mar­ket strat­egy
Inter­net search engines will con­tinue to be our mane source of adver­tise­ment. Tele­vi­sion and radio will be the next media we approach when funds become avail­able.
Pro­mo­tional bud­get
15% of the full cost will be used as adver­tise­ment expense. $7,488,000,000 x 15% =
$1,123,200,000 adver­tise­ment bud­get. 100% of the first $1,000,000 invest­ment cap­i­tal
col­lected will be used within the mar­ket­ing budget.

Sales Fore­cast
Until now, all sales are in the form of trade. Infor­ma­tion, adver­tis­ing and tech­nol­ogy has been traded for own­er­ship. Depend­ing on the suc­cess of our adver­tis­ing, we expect to sell $52,000,000US of Tasha9503 within the first few years.
We plan to sell an addi­tional $492,571,429 each year for the next 4 years. Now that we are sell­ing instead of Tasha9503, more peo­ple are find­ing us faster.

Oper­a­tional Plan
Tasha9503 will con­tinue chang­ing our adver­tis­ing meth­ods until we find one that
suc­cess­fully attracts investors. When Investors are found, money will be sep­a­rated into cat­e­gories. The first $1,000,000 spent will be for adver­tis­ing. Then money will be spent to col­lect the tech we need.

We plan to build our fac­to­ries and launch pad on the top of a moun­tain along the Equa­tor.
So far we plan to build in Brazil, but fur­ther inves­ti­ga­tion will be car­ried out before any final deci­sions will be made.

Today there remain sev­eral sci­ence satel­lites on the ground, never launched for any of a num­ber of rea­sons. Being able to lift six satel­lite pay­loads per launch allows us to give bet­ter ser­vice than our com­pe­ti­tion.
Bar­ri­ers to our enter­ing this mar­ket· Start up fee esti­mated at $7,488,000,000 US

Con­sumer accep­tance
Price of the tech­nol­ogy we must buy and inject into the design.
Over­com­ing Bar­ri­ers
• Sell 85% of the Hotel Chain to col­lect the start up fees
• Pro­duce ani­ma­tions to clearly explain to the view­ers how we will accom­plish our
mis­sions with old tech­nol­ogy
• Pay the going price for the tech we need
• Pub­lic pres­sure can make any gov­ern­ment change it’s laws and if that fails cash talks loudly

• Satel­lite launch facil­i­ties at 1/3 the cost.
• Inex­pen­sive Launch facil­i­ties pro­duc­ing hun­dreds of astro­nauts every month
• HotelsIn­Space with six lev­els of arti­fi­cial grav­ity.
• An Ark for humans, should Global Warm­ing, a rouge Aster­oid or Comet, or human pol­lu­tion cause the Earth to be unable to sup­port human life.
• Each HotelsIn­Space will be equipped with gar­dens to feed a crew of 36 peo­ple.
Every HotelsIn­Space that passes the moon will also be fur­nished with equip­ment to mine a small aster­oid, smelt the mate­r­ial and man­u­fac­ture both pieces for main­te­nance of the infra­struc­ture and pro­duce com­plete copies of Infra­struc­ture, effec­tively repro­duc­ing itself.

After sale ser­vices
Every sub­scrip­tion pay­ment will be con­sid­ered as a lot­tery ticket. Every launch will lift at least one part owner. Every part owner will have their rental price for use, low­ered by the same % as the % thy own. E.g. An owner who owns 1% of Tasha9503 will have their price of un-owned time low­ered by 1%. Own­ers will receive a profit share. 25% of all rental income will be set aside for own­ers profit shares. An owner who owns 1% will receive 1% of the money set aside for Profit shares. Own­ers will receive a time share. An owner who owns 1% of Tasha9503 will be able to use 1% of the time in a HotelsIn­Space, prepaid.

We have sev­eral cat­e­gories of cus­tomers. Cus­tomers who own, cus­tomers who rent and
cus­tomers who have us lift their satel­lites. Cus­tomers who own will be any per­son,
orga­ni­za­tion, or com­pany who wants to invest into Tasha9503 before we open for rent.
After we can open for rent, we will no longer be for sale. Cus­tomers who rent time in our resorts can 1 be from any loca­tion 2 pay for the ser­vice and 3 suc­ceed in our pre launch phys­i­cal test. Cus­tomers who use our satel­lite launch facil­i­ties. These cus­tomers will include any orga­ni­za­tion who builds satel­lites to be lifted form Earth.

NASA, ESA and sev­eral other satel­lite launch facil­i­ties now exist and they are our only com­pe­ti­tion. All of these orga­ni­za­tions will be con­tacted and invited to join us in dif­fer­ent capac­i­ties. They will be con­tacted regard­ing their abil­i­ties to dock with the HotelsIn­Space.
They will also be con­tacted regard­ing their abil­ity to pro­duce our phase II. Phase II will be a sec­ond new design for a HLV that can be attached to eight other Phase II HLVs, and attached around the cir­cum­fer­ence of phase I, thus more than dou­bling the inte­rior aria of these HotelsIn­Space.
In com­par­i­son to our com­pe­ti­tion:
• We will pro­duce Zero space junk. Instead we will begin to col­lect their Space junk.
• We will lower our price to 1/3 their price.
• We will lift 200 peo­ple instead of seven peo­ple per launch.
• We will open the heav­ens to the com­mon per­son allow­ing many to expe­ri­ence space

Pro­mo­tion Strat­egy
We will con­tinue using the inter­net to tell the world what we plan to do. Each time we find an inter­ested per­son we ask them to post our link on all their inter­net sites to help our rank­ing with search engines.
We will con­tinue pro­duc­ing and sell­ing t-shirts and swim suits always tak­ing pic­tures of the peo­ple who buy the cloth­ing wear­ing the cloth­ing and using those images for adver­tis­ing.
• As funds become avail­able, we will begin to use Tele­vi­sion to spread the world on a monthly basses. Depend­ing on the suc­cess of our first TV com­mer­cials we may
increase our Tele­vi­sion presents.
• As funds become avail­able, we will begin to set up booths at Space Con­fer­ences
around the world to let the cur­rent space indus­tries join our efforts.
• As funds become avail­able, we will begin adver­tis­ing in space related mag­a­zines
like AdAs­tra etc. Depend­ing on the suc­cess of these adverts we may increase or
decrease our Mag­a­zine.
To start get­ting the word out, at a low cost effort, we put up posters and signs in towns we pass through. We put small adds in local papers around the globe.

Rus­sia charged a pas­sen­ger $20,000,000 to visit the ISS for two weeks. We will charge $1,000,000 per week to stay at our HotelsIn­Space. Own­ing and rent­ing prices are set the same. The dif­fer­ence between pay­ing to own and pay­ing to rent is when. To own, you pay before we build. To rent, you pay after we build. Another dif­fer­ence between own­ing and rent­ing a rent­ing cus­tomer, rents per week. A cus­tomer who owns can use their time every year again.

Pro­posed Loca­tion
Until we have bought the tech­nol­ogy and com­pleted the final design for the HLV and
com­pleted the design for the equip­ment to build the HLV, all the staff of Tasha9503 will be able to work from remote occa­sions. Once the design work is com­plete, we will need aplace to locate the fac­to­ries and launch pad.
We would like to build on the top of a moun­tain, bypass­ing a major­ity of the atmos­phere we must push through, reduc­ing the amount of fuel per launch, effec­tively low­er­ing the cost­per launch or increas­ing the weight of pay­loads. The closer to the equa­tor we launch from, the more space junk we will be able to col­lect.
Land­ing facil­i­ties are avail­able in any coun­try with an inter­na­tional air­port with a long enough run­way that we acquire per­mis­sion to land at. At our launch loca­tion we will need park­ing for, employ­ees and cus­tomers. We will also need an Air­port for cus­tomers to arrive and depart from before and after they use our HotelsInSpace.

Phys­i­cal require­ments
200 acres will allow us room to build the fac­to­ries, launch pad, air­port and energy
pro­duc­ers. Energy pro­duc­ers like solar pan­els cov­er­ing all our roofs and wind mills if the wind is sup­port­ive. We need access via an air­port and roads to con­nect all our facil­i­ties to the rest of the world. We will need park­ing for our cus­tomers and employ­ees. After the Facil­i­ties are built we will need money for raw mate­ri­als, land tax, build­ing main­te­nance, wages, util­i­ties and insur­ance. This is why we esti­mate launch cost to approach $30,000,000 each.

Sales fore­cast
We need to sell $7,488,000,000 worth of Tasha9503 before we can com­plete build­ing the needed infra­struc­ture to build these HotelsIn­Space. We are look­ing to find 500,000 peo­ple or orga­ni­za­tions to sub­scribe by buy­ing $25/week for seven years.
We are also look­ing for a 3,753 mil­lion­aires to invest $2,000,000 each. Our mar­ket­ing plan will look for any com­bi­na­tion of the two. How fast we find these investors depends on the suc­cess of our advertising.

Oper­a­tional plan
Our design work can all be pro­duced in remote loca­tions. The phys­i­cal con­struc­tion of our hard­ware will be pro­duced robot­i­cally, next to our Launch facil­i­ties. Qual­ity con­trol will be watched closely. Each of these HotelsIn­Space will be build with the inten­tion of being able to be main­tained and last for 2000 years.

Legal Envi­ron­ment
Money will be spent fix­ing the laws in the coun­try we decide to build in before the land is purchased.

The num­ber of per­son­nel will be kept (robotic-ally) to a min­i­mum to reduce human error.
Money for wages will be avail­able of prof­its and profit shares. Very skilled labour will be required along with every­thing to jan­i­to­r­ial ser­vices.
Inven­tory We would like to man­u­fac­ture from raw mate­ri­als up, elim­i­nat­ing our need for other com­pa­nies for us to stay in busi­ness. Our pro­duc­ing all our com­po­nents insures our abil­ity to con­tinue man­u­fac­tur­ing the new HLV indef­i­nitely. We will need sup­ply build­ings to house the sup­plies our fac­to­ries need.

Raw mate­ri­als we need, that is pro­duced by many com­pa­nies, like sheet metal, will be
bought and stored. Com­puter parts will be made on loca­tion and sup­plies for this
pro­duc­tion will also be bought and stored.

Credit Poli­cies
As peo­ple buy the 85% of Tasha9503, we will spend the money accord­ing to this or a
mod­i­fied ver­sion of this Busi­ness plan. Hav­ing all the facil­i­ties bought and paid for, we will not need credit. The first launch will also be paid for before satel­lites and pas­sen­gers pay for the ser­vice. This allows the money they pay to be put towards the next launch and other busi­ness expense.
We do not plan to give our cus­tomers credit. To rent a unit in one of our HotelsIn­Space, you must pay the $1,000,000/week, before launch. Trans­porta­tion not included. For a day trip to and from the HotelsIn­Space, you will pay the Flight cost, esti­mated at $100,000 US, before launch.

Man­age­ment and Orga­ni­za­tion
These posi­tions will all be filled.
• Pres­i­dent
• Sales man­ager
• Fac­tory con­troller
• Pur­chas­ing agent· Main­te­nance Super­vi­sor
• Jan­i­to­r­ial staff
• Grounds keeper
• Accoun­tant
• Attor­ney
All these posi­tion will be for super­vis­ing staff.

Start-up Expenses and Cap­i­tal­iza­tion
Spend­ing years watch­ing oth­ers develop the tech­nol­ogy and not hav­ing to develop the
tech­nol­ogy our­selves, reduces our cost. We need to buy the avail­able tech­nol­ogy not
pro­duce it. When esti­mat­ing our cost of $3,500,000,000 we looked at
• Travel expense
• Buy­ing the tech­nol­ogy
• Com­plet­ing the new design
• Chang­ing the lands laws
• Buy­ing the land
• Build­ing the roads
• Build­ing the fac­to­ries
• Design­ing the man­u­fac­tur­ing equip­ment
• Fill­ing the fac­to­ries with man­u­fac­tur­ing equip­ment
• Build­ing a Launch pad
• Build­ing an air­port
• Buy­ing solar pan­els
• Buy­ing wind mills
• Com­mu­ni­ca­tion hard and soft­ware
• Fill­ing the sup­ply build­ings
• Buy­ing the rocket fuel
• Build­ing the first HLV
• Unex­pected con­tin­gency cost

Finan­cial plan
After start up we expect an income. We will charge six satel­lite pay­loads an aver­age of $7,000,000 each (reduced from the 2009 price of $20,000,000 each) We will charge each of the 200 human pas­sen­gers $100,000 each.
So for each launch we will col­lect (6 x $7,000,000 = $42,000,000) + (200 x $100,000 = $20,000,000) = $42,000,000 + $20,000,000 = $62,000,000
• Launch out­put $30,000,000
• Launch income $62,000,000
• Profit per launch $32,000,000
We hope to launch once a month($384,000,000/year) and aim to launch once a week
($1,664,000,000/year). Then we col­lect rental income of $1,000,000 per unit per week.

Best case sce­nario
• 72 units x 52 weeks every year x $1,000,000 = $3,744,000,000 / year
• Minus profit shares, $936,000,000 = $2,808,000,000
• Minus in hotel staff expense, 14,400,000 = $2,793,600,000
• Minus food and enter­tain­ment expense, $12,000,000 = $2,781,600,000
• Minus unex­pected costs 374,400,000 = $2,407,200,000
• Launch weekly, $2,407,200,000 + $572,000,000 = $2,979,200,000 less tax leaves

Worst case sce­nario
• Launch once a month with­out pas­sen­gers
• $144,000,000/year
• Less oper­at­ing expense Oper­at­ing Expense
• Build­ing main­te­nance· Equip­ment main­te­nance
• Road main­te­nance
• Employee Wages
• Util­i­ties
• Insur­ance
• Pres­i­dent salary
• Sales man­ager salary
• All other salaries
• Heat, hydro, water
• Land tax
• Sales tax
• Income tax
• Out of State tax
All of these prices and cal­cu­la­tions have been pre­formed over the last ten years and have been mod­i­fied to adjust for infla­tion. Note to all peo­ple think­ing about invest­ing in this endeavor. Money invested into Tasha9503 will be con­sid­ered as sales. You buy in and you own Tasha9503.
Some deci­sions we need to make will be made by own­ers vot­ing. 25% of all rental income will be used as profit hares, split between own­ers. You may be able to sell your share back to Tasha9503 if we have other buy­ers to pur­chase what you want to sell. Other wise you will have to wait until we have a rental income to get any return on your investment. HotelsIn­Space APlaceInSpaceToPlay