Do the math with me and build real spaceships with me.

At one time, I was told we had 7,500,000,000 peo­ple on planet Earth, 50% of them alive today will never know we built space­ships. 25% will laugh for it is still an impos­si­ble dream; one per­cent will laugh so hard they will tell 1,000 peo­ple who would not have heard of Tasha9503 oth­er­wise, but each of those will tell two peo­ple. 10 per­cent will never get in a plane or a rocket ship. 5% will never invest in any­thing the Wright Broth­ers had any­thing to do with. 1% will fight against this evo­lu­tion­ary leap. 0.1% will rent APla­ceIn­Space­To­Play. Then 0.001% will under­stand how this and that part works. Then 0.000,01% will want to own the space­ships Tasha9503 puts in space. Finally the 0.000,12% per­cent of the fam­i­lies will buy in, and own by click­ing ‘Sub­scribe‘. Who will be next? A Lawyer, a bus dri­ver, an ani­ma­tion cor­po­ra­tions? A house wife, a col­lage grad, or an exec­u­tive, a Min­ing Cor­po­ra­tion that buys between 10% and 25% of every space­ship Tasha9503 builds? Please sub­scribe so we can get off the ground.
I could whine about why I can­not afford to build these space­ships, these HotelsIn­Space, but I would rather sell you 85% of the space­ships we launch so that we can afford to mass pro­duce and then begin to pay you time and profit shares?
Last chance. If you want us to build these space­ships so you can pay rent, you want to let other peo­ple invest, own and col­lect, tell 10,000 inter­net friends two or three time and give them the chance to invest.
I’m only keep­ing 15% so when I die my chil­dren are taken care of, on or off this beau­ti­ful planet.

Maybe you want to invest your efforts rather than your money?
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  1. Coal says:

    I wanna get into cre­at­ing space­ships but I dont know where to start. I just turned 18 and I want to col­lege but don’t know what class to take or if I could just get into a pri­vate space­craft build­ing com­pany with­out col­lege. I dont know, its just some to think about.

    • Do the school­ing and read as much as posi­ble. In the space­ship busi­ness, you may involve your self with the fuel or the rocket engines. You may get involved with on board food pro­duc­tion for away mis­sions or the han­dling of the human waste facil­i­ties. You may get involved with design or pro­duc­tion of the land­ing craft or any part of a thou­sand other arias the space­ship busi­ness need you in. I sug­gest you do as much read­ing as posi­ble for the pur­pose of find­ing the aria of ser­vice you would like to con­tribute towards in the space indus­try. Tasha9503 is need­ing sales peo­ple. We must sell the space­ships so we have the funds to build. Math and sci­ence and com­mu­ni­ca­tions are my sug­ges­tion for school­ing if you do not want to sell the hardware.

    • As for cre­at­ing space­ships, I started in 1988 when it was impos­si­ble. So I asked peo­ple in the know, why it is impos­si­ble to go to the aster­oid Belt to mine, smelt and man­u­fac­ture space­ships on loca­tion with­out sup­plies from Earth. I asked for 20 years and every time I got an answer, I searched the world for for solu­tions to that rea­son. The last piece of needed tech­nol­ogy was found in Japan in 1995. Then I took all the tech I found and designed them into a space­ship that could take a 12 per­son crew to the Aster­oid Belt. The last stop­per was to make the pro­duc­tion of the space­ships prof­itable so they became multi-functional. These Space­ships can:

      First — while lift­ing the hard­ware, we also lift mul­ti­ple Satel­lite pay­loads to help share the launch costs.
      Sec­ond — each launch lifts a 213 seat land­ing craft to open space to the pub­lic.
      Third — these space­ships can use their robotic arms to cap­ture and col­lect Space­Junk.
      Forth — Each space­ship includes 72 units for sale then rent with sleep­ing space for 216 guests.
      Fifth — each space­ship can be built with 6 launches so we can mass pro­duce them.
      Sixth — each space­ship includes solar plasma pro­tec­tion, enabling a 12 per­son crew to be taken to the Aster­oid Belt for the pur­pose of min­ing, smelt­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing repro­duc­tions on loca­tion.
      Sev­enth -
      a) As HotelsIn­Space, each space­ship can be con­nected end to end with other space­ships.
      b) Each space­ship includes 6 lev­els of arti­fi­cial grav­ity to elim­i­nate bone and mus­cle degra­da­tion.
      c) Each space­ship includes 6 sep­a­rate Zero­Grav­ity sec­tions for sci­ence, sports, sex and more.
      d) Each space­ship includes 6 restau­rants.
      e) Each space­ship includes 6 large arias for sports and games.
      f) Each space­ship includes 6 robotic arms.
      g) Each space­ship includes sev­eral loung­ing arias.
      h) Each space­ship includes 6 sep­a­rate gar­den sec­tions for feed crews on AwayMis­sions.
      Eighth – each space­ship can be equipped with tele­scopic equip­ment, so when we have the first one at the Aster­oid Belt, work­ing with Earth, we will have Bifo­cal lenses to study the cos­mos and when we have the sec­ond space­ship on the oppo­site side of the Aster­oid Belt, we will have a tri­fo­cal lens. A Very Large Array telescope.

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