Experience zero gravity, fly with us and start LivingInSpace.

Imag­ine float­ing; free move­ment with absolutely no fric­tion. With no pull what­so­ever, zero grav­ity pro­duces a state of weight­less­ness, sim­i­lar to but dif­fer­ent from being in water. Pre­vi­ously restricted to astro­nauts, expe­ri­enc­ing 0g in space is quickly becom­ing a real­ity for the pub­lic. Tasha9503’s plans include bring­ing the oppor­tu­nity of 0g to the gen­eral pub­lic by incor­po­rat­ing six 0g sec­tions within the over­all design of the space­ships. The zero grav­ity sec­tions will be sep­a­rated from the rest of the hotel so they will not spin, and not spin­ning will allow for arti­fi­cial zero grav­ity. Most of the space­ship will spin, pro­duc­ing arti­fi­cial grav­ity, allow­ing toi­lets and show­ers to work and reduc­ing the dam­ag­ing affect that pro­longed expo­sure to weight­less­ness pro­duces.
You will be able to travel through the Jef­fer­stude and within min­utes go from the zero grav­ity sec­tions to the aria with arti­fi­cial gravity.

Will you fly with us?

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