How to sell real spaceships? Mass produce HotelsInSpace.

Unless you have the funds;

Just the name, Space­ships. Ya, I am try­ing to sell you the prof­its from real space­ships. They can be used as hotels in space. Search hotels in space on any search engine and find all the hotels with space avail­able. Try HotelsIn­Space as a name. Try Tasha9503 as a name. Both of those will get you to all our sites.

I have a design for a rocket that trans­forms into infra­struc­ture Low in Earths Orbit (LEO) after deliv­er­ing its pay­load to space. The space­ships (infra­struc­ture) is multi pur­pose.
Each launch lifts a robotic arm so every space­ship has 6 robotic arms which can begin col­lect­ing the space junk it orbits close to.
Each space­ship has equip­ment to use the space junk it col­lects to build other things.
Each space­ship includes 6 arti­fi­cial lev­els of grav­ity between zero and two times the grav­ity found at sea level on Earth so it can be used as a sports recre­ation facil­ity. Imag­ine, all new games.
Each space­ship includes 72 units that sleep three with a toi­let, sink and shower.
Each launch lifts a 213 per­son land­ing craft, with one for a sub­scriber.
The space­ship is filled with empty space that can be filled with more than can be seen in the first video.
I am try­ing to sell 85% of the infra­struc­ture so every­one who becomes a sub­scriber or makes a pur­chase or trades for part of the 85% can vote on the final deci­sions about the inte­rior dec­o­ra­tions.
I assume the sixth space­ship will look dif­fer­ent than the first.
When some­one who now designs, builds or owns satel­lites under­stands that they are able now to own part of infra­struc­ture that can col­lect the satel­lites, repair and re-orbit the satel­lites, big money will begin por­ing in.
Each space­ship can be taken past the moon on an AwayMis­sion with a twelve per­son crew.
All the walls can be cov­ered with iPad tech­nol­ogy.
Because we are sell­ing time in the units for two mil­lion per week, we will not need one mil­lion peo­ple to begin sub­scrib­ing.
25% of all rental income will be par­ti­tioned to pay­ing profit shares.
This is an evo­lu­tion­ary leap and it is only for sale till the day it opens for rent.
The day we open for rent we stop sell­ing, and begin pay­ing profit shares.
If you own 10% or more, you can trade part of your own­er­ship of the ten at Earth and take one space­ship for your self.
When you sub­scribe, you begin pay­ing $25 every week to own time and profit share in every space­ship we have at Earth.
Every time we launch 6 times we have another space­ship pro­duc­ing prof­its.
Our busi­ness plan

If you have read this far, I need you to con­tact your local news, TV and paper, ask­ing then to research Tasha9503 and

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