JeffersTube, Spaceships and magnetics

When liv­ing in space, hav­ing a mag­netic Jef­fer­sTube sys­tem removes fric­tion between the pres­sure seals. Within the Jef­fer­sTube struc­ture, beyond the walls, sev­eral stor­age com­part­ments are pre­pared to trans­port many things (oxy­gen, methane, water, sewage, nitro­gen, hydro­gen, elec­tri­cal cur­rants, etc.) in both direc­tions. When a Jef­fer­sTube is posi­tioned at a door, the chem­i­cals pass into or out of hold­ing tanks within the Jef­fer­sTube. When the Jef­fer­sTube is taken to another sec­tion, all the air tight seals must be acti­vated before it is mag­net­i­cally pulled back from the doors. It then begins to spin or the spin slows down, depend­ing on what sec­tion it is at and where it is going. When arriv­ing at the new sec­tion, all the plumb­ing, tub­ing, elec­tri­cal and other con­nec­tions are attached and all the air tight seals are set before the doors are opened. When the Jef­fer­stube is trav­el­ling it is held and pushed mag­net­i­cally. With mag­netic manip­u­la­tion, fric­tion is removed, elim­i­nat­ing the need for bear­ings, grease and other lubricants.

Mag­nets keep us together and apart

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