Life Support Systems When Living in Space

Livin­gIn­Space could never hap­pen if we were not able to sus­tain our­selves in such a harsh envi­ron­ment as outer space. HotelsIn­Space will offer elab­o­rate and sophis­ti­cated sys­tems to sup­port life with a redun­dancy to the sixth or twelfth. Basi­cally, there are three areas that are absolutely nec­es­sary to sus­tain life in space: water, food, and breath­able air.

Water Sup­ply

Where there’s water, there’s life, at least on our planet. All liv­ing things from plants to humans must have water to sur­vive. Here is how Tasha9503 pro­poses to ful­fill that need. With each of the ini­tial six heavy lift launches, in addi­tion to satel­lites, com­put­ers, fuel con­tain­ers, air and water puri­fiers, water will also be trans­ported. Each launch will trans­port enough water to sus­tain 36 peo­ple in space. After the ini­tial six launches, there will be enough water trans­ported to sus­tain 216 peo­ple for a lim­ited time. When the first pas­sen­ger vehi­cle arrives with 213 pas­sen­gers to the newly ren­o­vated space­ship , there will be enough water to sus­tain these peo­ple, just for a few days or weeks. Each HotelsIn­Space will be able to sup­port between 36 and 40 peo­ple indef­i­nitely.
This will be made pos­si­ble by recy­cling the water sup­ply. Water puri­fiers will con­vert water used for clean­ing into pure water. The same puri­fiers will also recy­cle urine into fresh water. Dehu­mid­i­fiers will extract humid­ity cre­ated by our own sweat and breath­ing then purify the col­lected water into reusable water.

Food Sup­ply

With each heavy lift vehi­cle, food will also be trans­ported in the form of dry and frozen food. Frozen food will be lifted in freez­ers and will remained frozen until peo­ple need it as they arrive in their newly ren­o­vated HotelsIn­Space. Food will also be trans­ported along with pas­sen­gers in each pas­sen­ger vehi­cle with each launch. This fresh food will con­sist of menu items that each pas­sen­ger fills out prior to their flight. It’s some­what like bring­ing fresh food on air­lin­ers today and feed­ing peo­ple on board, only the space food will be spe­cific to people’s diet and desires. The food needed for each Hotel In Space guest will be trans­ported with the guest or on later flights depend­ing on the dura­tion of their stay.

Air Sup­ply

Breath­able air will be con­tained and stored along side the water con­tain­ers under benches and coun­ters, and released through­out the space­ship via air ducts. As air qual­ity dimin­ishes based on fac­tors such as low oxy­gen, high car­bon diox­ide, increases in tem­per­a­ture and changes in rel­a­tive humid­ity, the air will be scrubbed and recy­cled to sus­tain life inside the HotelsIn­Space. This is accom­plished with air puri­fiers. Basi­cally air puri­fiers will work by reduc­ing the lev­els of car­bon diox­ide as well as gen­er­at­ing oxy­gen by elec­trol­y­sis of water, as one example.

Other meth­ods are being designed and tested and may be employed as these meth­ods are proven prac­ti­cal for Livin­gIn­Space. One method, cur­rently in the con­cep­tion stage, basi­cally col­lects par­ti­cles from the air and fil­tered in green­houses. Tasha9503 has plans to uti­lize such con­cepts; this method will be prac­ti­cal for longer flights that will go beyond our planet. The advan­tage with such a method is that the green­houses will be a prac­ti­cal means for food pro­duc­tion along with stale air con­sist­ing of car­bon diox­ide being released into the green­houses to sus­tain the plants.

All air water gasses and other prod­ucts will be piped and pumped between the space­ship and land­ing craft when there are docked. Extra sub­stances can be pack­aged pack­aged and trans­ported in the cargo bays.

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