Most common questions and comments about these spaceships and space travel.

We get a lot of com­puter cre­ated com­ments repeated daily, to this blog. We kept some but more than 2000 have been removed and we are slowly remov­ing the rest. Should you like to be involved with Tasha9503 by enter­ing a com­ment, make the com­ment about the the con­tents (infor­ma­tion) found on the pages or arti­cles. If your com­ments are about the infor­ma­tion found on the site, other than a “thank you” or “Nice Blog” and include a ques­tion about Tasha9503 or about our plans and the abil­ity to real­ize our goals, we will include the com­ment on our site. We have more than 32 arti­cles, packed with infor­ma­tion about our build­ing space­ships to take peo­ple through out our solar sys­tem or be used as HotelsIn­Space here at Earth and if you request more infor­ma­tion, ask.

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