Next Stop When Living In Space Is The Asteroid Belt Part 1

Liv­ing In Space ulti­mately means sus­tain­ing human life in space, and being free of the con­fines that bind us to Earth, where life began. The goal is to sus­tain our­selves in an envi­ron­ment that’s eter­nal with unlim­ited pos­si­bil­i­ties. That envi­ron­ment is outer space, not other plan­ets or moons, and the ini­tial launch­ing pad is Earth.
Now that we can pro­tect our­selves from solar radi­a­tion, we can begin to pre­pare for the first AwayMis­sion, past the Moon and beyond, to the Aster­oid Belt. The first pur­pose of trav­el­ing to the Aster­oid Belt will be to mine its valu­able mate­ri­als and build new Hotels In Space.

The Aster­oid Belt is a region between the inner plan­ets and outer plan­ets where bil­lions of aster­oids are found orbit­ing the Sun. The Main Aster­oid Belt is located between Mars and Jupiter. Aster­oids are pri­mor­dial left­over rocky mat­ter that never suc­cess­fully con­verged into a planet or moon, but con­tinue to revolve around the Sun.
There are 26 known aster­oids larger than 200 km across. Half of the Aster­oid Belt range from 10 km to 100 km in diam­e­ter. In num­bers, the vast major­ity of aster­oids are small, very small between grains of sand and car size..

What makes trav­el­ing to the aster­oid belt so appeal­ing is the pre­cious met­als it holds includ­ing vast deposits of nickel, iron, lead, and mag­ne­sium. In addi­tion to these met­als, sci­en­tists believe water, oxy­gen, gold and plat­inum also exist on some aster­oids. Tasha9503 believes there is enough vital mate­r­ial there to mine, smelt, and man­u­fac­ture liv­ing accom­mo­da­tions, on loca­tion, with­out need­ing fuel to lift it off a planet..

Once inside the Belt, six robotic arms will be deployed to dis­sect the aster­oids that are smaller than 9m (9 yards) in diam­e­ter, length or width, and posi­tion the pieces within the cargo bays. The pieces will be extracted of all its use­ful mate­r­ial, and smelted down in prepa­ra­tion to man­u­fac­ture new infra­struc­ture and com­po­nents to build repro­duc­tions of the Hotels In Space..

Some peo­ple have sug­gested that left-over mate­r­ial mined from the Aster­oid Belt could be thrown on a col­li­sion course with Mars, enlarg­ing the planet, and in turn cre­at­ing a stronger grav­i­ta­tional force that would allow the planet to hold oxy­gen and hydro­gen, two ele­ments needed to sup­port life. As we throw the mate­r­ial at Mars, we will be alter­ing its spin and its orbit.  As this can be achieved, Mars will become inhab­it­able. Humans will take on an entirely new way of life as Martians..


  1. livinginspace says:

    Do to the plasma being blasted out from the sun, land­ing on a moon or planet that dose not have a mag­ne­tos­phere will be deadly for all but robotic vis­i­tors. Just step­ping out of the HotelsIn­Space will be dan­ger­ous, and mov­ing away from its pro­tec­tive mini mag­ne­tos­phere will put peo­ple in the clouds of 27,000 degree hot solar plasma. This leaves the Moon, Mer­cury and Mars out of bounds for human activ­ity. Small Aster­oids, car size or smaller, can be approached. If the rocks are not mag­net­i­cally influ­enced, we can approach and mine with no fear. If the rocks are mag­net­i­cally influ­ences, they must be approached with care, for they will be attracted by the mag­net­ism pro­duces by the HotelsIn­Space and will be drawn into the hol­low core of the infra­struc­ture, called the Plas­ma­Core. Then all min­ing will take place within the Plas­ma­Core. If we approach a mag­net­i­cally influ­enced rock that is to large to fit within the Plas­ma­Core, the attrac­tion will still place the rock in the cen­tre of the Plas­ma­Core, rip­ping and bust­ing its way in. Approach­ing a rock that is too big will leave the infra­struc­ture inop­er­a­tive and kill all occu­pants. This leaves only small aster­oids, mete­ors and rocks, approachable.

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