Plants in space on spaceships for LivingInSpace

The used and empty fuel tanks will be con­verted into the gar­den­ing sec­tions. We will be grow­ing veg­eta­bles, plants that we can eat in entirety, root, stock, lief, and flower.
The plants will be trans­ported to the first floor kitchens. The crew will con­sume the food on the first floor and all bathing and excre­tion will take place on the sec­ond floor. Upon open­ing day, the sys­tem will be empty of all but water. Food prod­ucts from Earth will be well stocked and more lifted per launch. As we rent the hotel, food will be lifted and eaten and the sewage sys­tem will begin to fill and the process will begin. When the sewage sys­tem is full, the space­ship will be ready for an AwayMis­sion and we can begin LivingInSpace.

grow­ing food in space

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