Redesigned Saturn V Rockets for LivingInSpace

In 2005, Tasha9503 redesigned the ‘Sat­urn V’ rocket so that upon arrival in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) it could eas­ily be recon­fig­ured and attached to five other redesigned rock­ets, pro­duc­ing a 72 unit hotel. Six launches will be used to place 36 satel­lites in orbit (shar­ing the cost). With each satel­lite launch, extra weight in acces­sories will be lifted off Earth and attached to the fuel tanks. Cas­ings will be re posi­tioned also. Every six suc­cess­ful launches leaves enough pieces to build a fully func­tional orbit­ing hotel in LEO. All this so we can be LivingInSpace.

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