Secondary Goals of Tasha9503 and these spaceships when living in space

• To help clean up the exist­ing Space­Junk,
• To have 10 space­ships at Earth col­lect­ing rent pro­duc­ing profit shares for all the investors who payed for the cre­ation of Tasha9503.
• To mine, smelt, and man­u­fac­ture the at the Aster­oid Belt, elim­i­nat­ing the need to launch from a
grav­ity bound place like Earth, Mars or the Moon,
• To visit Sat­urn and mine the water in its rings. To broaden our view and abil­ity to learn about
• Each time we send a hotel to another loca­tion, we have new eyes to see our sun and other stars
giv­ing us a new point of view

Using the robotic arms we plan to begin col­lect­ing all the space junk we get close enough to.
Once we have ten space­ships, spin­ning around earth, col­lect­ing all the Space­Junk we get close to it will take years to col­lect enough to make it safe.
Using the robotic arms we plan to approach small aster­oids for manip­u­la­tion after we pass the moon.
When we fin­ish the repro­duc­tion of a space­ship at the Aster­oid Belt, should we need more water to make it inhab­it­able, we can move to Sat­urn and begin col­lect­ing the rings.
When we pass the moon with the first Space­ship, any star sys­tem it is look­ing at will be seen from far­ther than before and when we com­pare the new view with that of Earth. As we look for Near Earth Orbit (NEO) Aster­oids and other smaller space debris we will be able to map out safe paths to nav­i­gate through our solar sys­tems.
Once we pass the moon, we will be truly be liv­ing in space.

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