Tax Dollars and space flight

Your tax dol­lars made it all pos­si­ble. Your Gov­ern­ments space indus­tries are all ‘Not For Profit’ orga­ni­za­tions. Build­ing hotels is a ‘For Profit’ adven­ture and NOT included in any gov­ern­ment oper­a­tion. Liv­ing in space is now hap­pen­ing.
The same tech­nol­ogy that lifts 1,500,000 lbs of hard­ware could lift 1,600,000 lbs of hard­ware and 40,000 lbs of peo­ple. We just have to do it with privet funds and add more life sup­port in the land­ing craft. This is your oppor­tu­nity to own infra­struc­ture in LEO. Tasha9503 need your money. Either $2,000,000 or $25 per week for the next 7 years.
Tax dol­lars put rock­ets in space. Tax dol­lars build the MAGlev trains. Pri­vate dol­lars built the com­puter. Pri­vate dol­lars built the indoor gar­dens. Pri­vate dol­lars found the quick rot bugs to take our excre­ment and con­vert it to top soil in record time.
Tax dol­lars made it all pos­si­ble but pri­vate funds will make it hap­pen. You can wait till I die and let some one with money find my work and build these HotelsIn­Space or you can pay Tasha9503 to build them and end up own­ing the spaceships.

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