The evolution of DNA into space, in a spaceship, including space travel

All life stud­ied by humans share 3 com­mon­al­i­ties. Sur­vival, Repro­duc­tion and Make It Easier.

Let me tell you a story about Don, Ned and An.
They had life easy and had time to play and think.
While relax­ing together, they dreamed of the three of them liv­ing together and navar being apart. The thing they could do, the things they could share. Their off­spring new the sto­ries. Many laughed at the thought of being attached to some­body. Their off­sp­ing found a way to make those dreams come true.
Three friends could unite and never part and remem­ber­ing the sto­ries Don, Ned and An told, this union called them selves DNA.

DNA could sur­vive, repro­duce and actu­ally found things eas­ier together.
Soon there were lots of DNA with dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ences, dif­fer­ent loca­tions, lan­guages. Then one wanted hold onto another DNA.
Most of the DNA laughed at the one who wanted to hold hands. No one did that before.

Then there were 2 then 4 then 8… DNA try­ing to hold hands and one did it. Well two did it and life became eas­ier. They could help each other con­trol the things in their sur­round­ings eas­ier. But to repro­duce while hold­ing hand, That was impos­si­ble, that was an evo­lu­tion­ary leap. lol.

Evo­lu­tion is laughed at.

Trial and error and then there were two DNA hold­ing hands when repro­duc­ing. Sud­denly there was a string of DNA. Life was sim­pler when two DAN were together, help­ing each outer.

New activ­i­ties, new dreams new skills, new lan­guage, were pro­duced. Always shar­ing the same 3 com­mon­al­i­ties. Sur­vival, Repro­duc­tion and Make It Easier.

Then when there were lots of strings of DNA, one thought about and men­tioned hav­ing two strings hold­ing on to one another help­ing each other sur­vive. This caused a lot of laugh­ter. No one had ever done that before. Why would any­one want to? Life is easy now.

Then two strings fig­ured it out and sud­denly there was a thing we called a Virus.

New activ­i­ties, new lan­guage, new skills and new dreams.

Virus had life easy. Then one virus learned how to hold hands with another less evolved DNA and con­t­role it.

Germs. Evo­lu­tion.

New activ­i­ties, new skills, new lan­guage, new dreams. Travel further.

Even­tu­ally, a group of DNA, all hold­ing hands, decides to build a space­ship it could live in while explor­ing the world out there in safety.

In this space­ship (home) home they could travel fur­ther, live more com­fort­ably and not worry so much about the sur­round­ing threats.

All the oth­ers Strings laughed. No one has done that before. Why would you want to be con­fined to such a lim­ited space? Restricted move­ment, lim­ited vis­i­bil­ity and other rea­sons to not build a home. You had to be able to see the world around you. It had to be semi per­me­able, allow­ing needed stuff like food in and let waste out. You would have to make it dri­vable so you could go where you wanted not just as the water flows, or attach it so it doesn’t float away. It could never be done and some Strings would never want to go in one even if it was built.

But one became two then 4 then 8 and soon, lots of DNA Strings were exper­i­ment­ing at using the stuff avail­able to build a home, a lit­tle space­ship, a cell.

It was done by more than one. Some fig­ured out how to use this stuff and oth­ers used that stuff to build space­ships (cells) to live in. But sud­denly some wanted to stay in the ship when repro­duc­ing. What a laugh that caused. How to do that? Well you would have to cut the space­ship in half so you would end up in one ship and your repro­duc­tion would have the other. More exper­i­ments, more trial and error, new technology.

Some strings of DNA fig­ured it out with the help and con­t­role of less evolved life forms liv­ing with them. Oth­ers fig­ured out slightly dif­fer­ent ways to do it.

Then a space­ship was built and a one celled organ­i­sa­tion, organ­ism, was born. Evolution.

Life went on sur­viv­ing, repro­duc­ing and mak­ing it easier.

Then one cell decided to try to stay attached to the copy it was pro­duc­ing. What a laugh that caused. Why would you want to stay attached to your repro­duc­tion you just made? No one had ever done that before. What a laugh.

Before long, lots of cells were try­ing to learn now to repro­duce with­out seg­ment­ing.  Even­tu­ally one did it and a multi celled organ­ism existed. Now the DNA Strings could travel fur­ther from home with no fear of death. New lan­guage, new abil­i­ties, new sci­ence, new Dreams.

Now some DNA liv­ing in these cells wanted to travel the world and see and learn every­thing. Some of the DNA just wanted to stay put in the lap of lux­ury. Every­thing every DNA needed was avail­able right here why go travel? Your pro­tected here. You will prob­a­bly die out there. Dif­fer­ent DNA tried dif­fer­ent exper­i­ments and suc­ceeded in dif­fer­ent ways at dif­fer­ent things. So some became like plants and some became like shell fish still other suc­ceeded in dif­fer­ent ways and became dif­fer­ent species.

Even­tu­ally some of the DNA, liv­ing in man­u­fac­tured homes (space­ships) we call cells, got washed up on shore to die. Oth­ers got washed back into the water and sur­vived. The ones that sur­vived started to fig­ure out how to sur­vive on land so soon you found plants and ani­mals on land.

The DNA between your legs was born bil­lions of years ago and left the water, flew in the air, and now wants to leave this beau­ti­ful planet behind, evolve.

Your DNA never did leave the water. It took the water with them. The DNA took every­thing it needed to sur­vive, repro­duce and make life eas­ier with them in the cell. That meant tak­ing a host of other cells, all attached and work­ing together, look­ing like an ani­mal or plant.

All along the way laugh­ter was heard in all the lan­guage the DNA use.

Today a few peo­ple look at the space­ships Tasha9503 designed and laugh. Some claim they will never go in one. Some say they will never fly. Some try to find fault and try to dis­cour­age the ambi­tion. Some refuse to lis­ten; some will not watch the video to see the solu­tions to the faults oth­ers find. Many will sub­scribe and for $25/week own a small part (per­cent) of every space­ship (HotelsIn­Space) Tasha9503 has orbit­ing Earth. A few will invest big bucks and take advantage.

Did you ever blame your DNA or the feel­ing you get or the emo­tions you feel. Would you blame your DNA for how you fell and act when you first fall in love? Sud­denly it is like a god is in con­trol. Some­one or some­thing, unknown and uncon­ceive­able, con­trols you. Maybe a God, maybe a DNA.

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