They laughed at me and my dreams, goals and solutions. Now these spaceships are possible.

Would you hol­i­day in space? Here is a Space­ship that can take you to any orbit in this solar sys­tem and mine Aster­oids smaller than a car. Or pro­duce rental income here at Earth while col­lect­ing space junk. These are space­ships not Star Ships unless Mars and Venus are still stars. We don’t offer Aliens, Laser guns or Warp­Speed, just APla­ceIn­Space­To­Play Read more at In 1961, the first man went to space and back. 50 years later, Tasha9503 wants to lift 213 peo­ple per launch and reuse the hard­ware that lifted them as infra­struc­ture in Space.  In 2007, was put on the net to show the new shape of the HLV (rocket), where to posi­tion every­thing and what the infra­struc­ture will be able to do. In 2009, it cost $20,000,000 to lift one satel­lite, Tasha9503 plans to lift 6 satel­lites per launch and charge $7,000,000 each. (2009 dol­lars)  In 2009, was used to show what we will have when we use the new design for the rocket. In 2009, was pro­duced to cre­ate the abil­ity to sell 85% of the infra­struc­ture Tasha9503 puts in LEO to raise start-up costs, offer­ing time and profit shares to those who invest the start-up expense.  August 2012 the first Pay­pal pay­ment was made. Each link is dif­fer­ent but all on the topic of HotelsIn­Space by Tasha9503. Here is one solu­tion to the dinosaur inci­dent. If you don’t fear nuclear fall­out. APlaceInSpaceToPlay

These HotelsIn­Space are equipped to mine the aster­oid belt and using the robotic arms, throw the nickel, cop­per, gold, etc. to any orbit in our solar sys­tem. They are also designed to be used as HotelsIn­Space to pro­duce profit shares for all the peo­ple who invest $25/week or more before our build­ing the first of many space­ships, each able to col­lect Space­Junk. Fol­low us at
It took 50 years and here we are. In 1961, the first man went to space and back. Fifty years later, Tasha9503 wants to lift 213 peo­ple per launch and reuse the hard­ware that lifted them as infra­struc­ture in Space. In 1969 man went to the moon. In 1988 Trevor started look­ing for all the rea­sons why it is impos­si­ble to go the Aster­oid Belt to mine, smelt and man­u­fac­ture liv­ing accom­mo­da­tions on loca­tion. In 1995 the last of the needed tech­nol­ogy was becom­ing old, used and proven true. In 2000 all the tech­nol­ogy was found and designed into a facil­ity that can be built with six launches. Trevor just used the tech­nol­ogy avail­able to him to reshape the Sat­urn V rocket, update the life sup­port sys­tems, lower everyone’s launch costs and still pro­duce prof­its, putting the gen­eral pub­lic in space by the hun­dreds. In 2007, was used to show the new design for a reusable Heavy Lift Vehi­cle. In 2009, it cost $20,000,000 to lift one satel­lite, Tasha9503 plans to lift six satel­lites per launch and charge $7,000,000 each. (2009 dollars/kg), sav­ing every­one money. In 2010, was used to show every­one what we will have when we use the new design for the rocket hard­ware and attach 6 together when reach­ing orbital veloc­ity. Inte­rior dec­o­rat­ing not included in the video. Cover all the walls with iPad tech­nol­ogy.
In 2010, was pro­duced to cre­ate the abil­ity to sell 85% of the infra­struc­ture Tasha9503 puts in LEO, offer­ing time and profit shares to those who invest the start-up expense. In 2011, was added to open up com­mu­ni­ca­tions. We put together a busi­ness plan. . We keep track of all con­trib­u­tors.  Each link is dif­fer­ent but all on the topic of HotelsIn­Space by Tasha9503.  To make the infra­struc­ture afford­able and prof­itable it was designed to be multi-functional. As launch vehi­cles, they can lift mul­ti­ple satel­lites and a 213 pas­sen­ger land­ing craft. As HotelsIn­Space, each will sleep 216 peo­ple, lift­ing the needed food and water with each launch. For AwayMis­sions, each HotelsIn­Space can grow enough food to feed 36 peo­ple indef­i­nitely, so a 12 per­son crew can pass the Moon on a 9999 year AwayMis­sion. For part of the sales pitch Tasha9503 is offer­ing time and profit shares to those who invest, with every launch lift­ing one ran­domly cho­sen sub­scriber.  The day we begin col­lect­ing rent we are no longer for sale and your per­cent­age of own­er­ship is reg­is­tered.
 The story goes on.  Did you laugh at, or would you invest in: Mark Coni? for dream­ing of the radio. Alexan­der Bell? about the tele­phone? Christo­pher Colum­bus? Did he fall off the Earth? Henry Ford? Who needed a car? No roads any­way. Thomas Edi­son? The oil-less light bulb? Ben Franklyn? his kite strings.  Jay Edger Hover? his dream of an elec­tri­cal dam. The Wright Broth­ers? It will never fly Orville. Man was never meant to fly. Coper­ni­cus, the Earth not in the cen­tre of the uni­verse? Forty years after, a paper pub­lished an apol­ogy to Robert God­dard and his rocket engine. All these men were laughed at. May I go on? Most peo­ple knew bet­ter and laughed at these dream­ers, know­ing it will NEVER hap­pen.  Edgar Alan Poe? Aris­to­tle? Michel Angelo? Ein­stein? Samuel Mor­ris? Leonard da Vinci?  We laugh at the peo­ple who see what we can­not and attempt to lift us to new heights. We nailed one man to a cross for try­ing to teach us to love and help each other and stop cheat­ing, steel­ing, lying and hurt­ing each other. Do you laugh at the design Tasha9503 wants to use as HotelsIn­Space or the man who designed it or the peo­ple who pro­duced the tech­nol­ogy needed to make space­ships real­ity? Would you raise the ceil­ing heights of the two floors? What changes would you make and why? The more you own the more you decide. We esti­mate an 8% return the first year, 16% then 24% the third year after we begin col­lect­ing rent.
Every­one told Trevor why it will take 50 years or it will never hap­pen.
– 27,000 degree hot plasma, going right through you, boil­ing your blood
– Bone and mus­cle degra­da­tion, body turns week
– Lubri­ca­tion, allow­ing spin­ning dif­fer­ent sec­tions of the space­ship
– Food sup­ply, every­one must eat
– Prof­itabil­ity, peo­ple will not invest with­out the promise of a prof­itable return
– launch expense
– Atmos­pheric cleans­ing 
The list goes on.
– Clients, who will afford to rent HotelsIn­Space at $1,000,000/week
– Who will invest in a ship to mine the Aster­oid Belt.
– Health, doc­tors, med­ica­tion, dead bod­ies, Human excre­ment.
– Time, too much time to travel from one planet to another; imag­ine time to travel to another star.
And one by one war, busi­ness, sci­en­tists and farm­ers devel­oped all the tech­nol­ogy to ful­fil all the restric­tions. Sto­ries about all the needed tech was dis­played on the Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel. David Suzuki, Jay Ingram and a few oth­ers with their many co-hosts brought the needed infor­ma­tion together that solve all the stop­pers, allow­ing humans to fly off this nest called Earth, with­out the need to land on another planet.
– Wiring, increases the mini mag­ne­tos­phere to mag­net­i­cally pro­tect the inhab­i­tants from solar plasma
– The Plas­ma­Core con­tains par­ti­cle col­lider tech­nol­ogy and dose not spin but mag­net­i­cally expels the col­lected plasma to pro­duce thrust.
– spin parts of the infra­struc­ture around the Plas­ma­Core to pro­duce gyro­scopic sta­bil­ity plus 6 dif­fer­ent lev­els of arti­fi­cial grav­ity using mag­netic tech­nol­ogy to attach the dif­fer­ent pieces together
– lift food require­ments for each guest with the guest when using the infra­struc­ture as HotelsIn­Space.
– grow food on board for AwayMis­sions.
– every six launches pro­duces 1,278 Astro­nauts (Space­Trav­el­ers) and another piece of infra­struc­ture that can be rented out as HotelsIn­Space with 72 units each to pro­duce prof­its while col­lect­ing Space­Junk.
– the price for every launch is shared between 200 peo­ple and six satel­lite pay­loads
– updated air scrub­bers from sub­marines, scuba and the ISS with six inde­pen­dent gar­dens
– a few large cor­po­ra­tions buy­ing large sec­tions
– a few mil­lion­aires buy­ing in to make prof­its
– a movie pro­ducer only needs to own 5% of Tasha9503 to dras­ti­cally lower the cost to pro­duce movies in space.
– a few 1000 peo­ple sub­scrib­ing, buy­ing time and profit shares at $25/week expect­ing a return of $180/week.
– nickel min­ing orga­ni­za­tions decides to own between 10 and 50% to use them to mine the Aster­oid Belt, turn­ing bil­lions of dol­lars into tril­lions.
– a gold min­ing cor­po­ra­tion decides to own more than 10% to begin min­ing the Aster­oid Belt asap.
– staff of 24 to care for guests in the HotelsIn­Space, fly the ship and col­lect Space­Junk.
– 6 gar­den­ing sec­tions with com­post and pot­ting soil prepa­ra­tion.
– I guess some orga­ni­za­tion will buy 51%, another orga­ni­za­tion will buy 33%,1% will be bought via a Pay­Pal pay­ment plan and Tasha9503 will keep 15%
– we have a 10 gen­er­a­tion life expectancy increas­ing plan that may allow your great great great … grand chil­dren to live 300 years before reach­ing puberty.
Want me to go on? We have a 50 year plan and a 7 year plan to pay for the first space­ship we build. The 50 year plan is you tell two peo­ple and they tell two peo­ple. The seven year plan is you tell 10,000 peo­ple and they tell 10,000 peo­ple using the inter­net. If you want us to build, now, tell 100,000 peo­ple, twice. (Adver­tis­ingSpam) Should ten mil­lion peo­ple tell the gov­ern­ments to adopt this design for their rocket? Who paid for the ISS? Would you like to own a % of every space­ship still at earth? Should one mil­lion peo­ple invest $10,000 and each own a small per­cent at 12% return that you, your chil­dren and your Grand­Chil­dren could end up cash­ing in on? Should one orga­ni­za­tion own the whole thing?
Trevor found a way to get off this beau­ti­ful planet, mine the Aster­oid belt, smelt and man­u­fac­ture repro­duc­tions on loca­tion while study­ing the stars with Earth pro­duc­ing a bifo­cal view of the cos­mos. To afford the start-up costs, he has to sell 85% of the infra­struc­ture Tasha9503 puts in space. 1995 tech­nol­ogy will mass pro­duce these HotelsIn­Space. We need 1,000,000 peo­ple (Trekies) to sub­scribe for seven years or we need 1000 mil­lion­aires to invest $7,488,000 each. We are sell­ing the use of the units at $2,000,000 per week. Allow­ing the own­ers to use their time again every year accord­ing to the num­ber of space­ships at Earth. 52 weeks x 72 units x $2,000,000 = $7,488,000,000 start-up costs. If you own one day when we have the first space­ship in oper­a­tion, you will own 10 days when we have 10 space­ships at Earth. Every time a space­ship passes the Moon, your days grow. We could build with one mil­lion peo­ple invest­ing $25/week for seven years. 1,000,000 peo­ple x $25 x 52 weeks x 7 years = $9,100,000,000 start-up costs. $25/week will buy you time and profit shares with a sub­scrip­tion. Each launch after the sev­enth will lift one ran­domly cho­sen sub­scriber. (Lot­tery) Should any­one decide to own 51% of Tasha9503, that would be good. Then they could take every sec­ond space­ship we build and every­one else’s time and profit share will grow. This is one solu­tion to the dinosaur inci­dent. A jour­nal­ist is needed to do a story about Tasha9503. A web­site devel­oper is needed to extract infor­ma­tion from three sites and build a site that sells these space­ships. Tasha9503 has a design for a space­ship that you, or any­one who invests, can use to take 12 peo­ple to the Aster­oid Belt and with six robotic arms, mine all the aster­oids smaller than a car, use what you can and throw the rest any ware. To make the mass pro­duc­tion of these space­ships prof­itable, they can be used as HotelsIn­Space with 72 units con­tain­ing 1 sin­gle bed, 1 dou­ble bed, 1 bath and toi­letry device, one table, two chairs and a sink. In the space­ship includes: six lev­els of arti­fi­cial grav­ity, six restau­rants, 6 indi­vid­ual Zero­Grav­ity sec­tions for games, sci­ence, sex and sports, six low grav­ity, bent floor rooms for games or sports and sev­eral loung­ing areas. It only takes six launches to pro­duce one space­ship. 85% of every space­ship Tash9503 builds is for sale so we can buy the land, change the law, build the roads, fac­to­ries and launch pad, pay the util­i­ties, buy the raw mate­r­ial, rocket fuel and BlaBlaBla. The day Tasha9503 col­lects rent in a space­ship is the day we stop sell­ing and begin pay­ing time and profit shares. It will be like all bank­ing trans­ac­tions revers. 25% of all rental income will pro­duce profit shares for all who invested prior to col­lect­ing rent. Should any orga­ni­za­tion pur­chase 51% or more, they may trade and take one space­ship as they like, every time we build two. Any­one who owns 10% of what we build can have the tenth and the twen­ti­eth, for their own. When Tasha9503 has ten HotelsIn­Space pro­duc­ing profit shares our first AwayMis­sion past the moon will hap­pen. All planned trips to the Aster­oid belt by Tasha9503 will last 9999 years so all the tools to build the equip­ment to build repro­duc­tions of the space­ships will be built into each launch. It took 50 years and now space­ships are avail­able. In 1961 the first man went to space. In 1904 an ani­ma­tion was pro­duced show­ing a rocket leav­ing Earth and com­ing back. It took 90 years. What came first, the Taser or the comic Tom Swift and the Elec­tric Rifle? Remem­ber the com­put­ers Bat Man used. All the tech­nol­ogy to build what is seen on the YouTube video Tasha9503, shown at,, and is avail­able today and these space­ships can be built with your $25 sub­scrip­tion. You can own up to 85% of every space­ship we build. A jour­nal­ist will be reworded should a pos­i­tive twist be writ­ten and our view­ers increase. If you tell 2 and they tell 2, it will take another 50 years. If you tell 1000 and they tell 2, that will speed us up. If you tell 100,000 and they tell 100 each, you may be fly­ing with us. Help us adver­tise by talk­ing about Tasha9503. Dose Tasha9503 need you? We need the roads, fac­to­ries and launch pad built. We need the sci­en­tists and engi­neers to put the final cal­cu­la­tions into design. We need the raw mate­r­ial to be trans­ported. We need all the infor­ma­tion that the astronomers have col­lected. We need the man­u­fac­tur­ing equip­ment built. We need the inte­rior of the six Zero­Grav­ity sec­tions designed. Tasha9503 need peo­ple to adver­tise by telling every­one about us. Tasha9503 needs to con­tract out the design and man­u­fac­tur­ing of land­ing vehi­cles to com­pa­nies like Boe­ing.
Tasha9503 designed a heavy lift launch rocket to lift a 213 pas­sen­ger land­ing craft and six satel­lite pay­loads, attach to five other used rock­ets to become one space­ship that can attach to two other space­ships, end to end. Phase 2 wraps around this space­ship. We need jour­nal­ists to pub­lish sto­ries about Tasha9503. Dose Tasha9503 need you? We need some­one to design and build the 213 seat land­ing craft. We need peo­ple to tell other peo­ple about these space­ships. Remem­ber, most peo­ple think it is still impos­able. We need peo­ple to invest (Sub­scribe) $25/week so we can pay the bills. We need Mil­lion­aires to buy time­shares. Do we need you? The great­est thing about these space­ships is, I can­not afford to build the infra­struc­ture on Earth to mass pro­duce them. I can sell a lit­tle bit to many peo­ple. I have to let you own a piece of this future. The few who can afford to pro­duce then do not have to pay the whole bill. We could build if sev­en­teen orga­ni­za­tions each buy 5% of the infra­struc­ture we put in space for approx­i­mately $375000000. We only need ten wealthy peo­ple, if one cor­po­ra­tion wants 51%. If you only want to own a few hours and want oth­ers to own the rest, sub­scribe and tell every­one. If you want to own a week and want oth­ers to own the rest, buy in and tell every­one about us. If you want to own 10% and even­tu­ally trade-off for your own space­ship, you can. Your gov­ern­ments can­not mass pro­duce profit pro­duc­ing infra­struc­ture in space. Only pri­vate funds can do that. Trevor HM Cooper Putting­Peo­pleIn­Space I need you to talk about what you just read. If you want to invest but not until you see many other peo­ple invest­ing, just pub­lish our story every­ware and let other invest before you. We will still invite you until we start col­lect­ing rent.

In 1988, back when the dream of a space­ship was unob­tain­able, peo­ple laughed at me for ask­ing them why it is impos­si­ble to take a human crew to the Aster­oid Belt to mine, smelt and man­u­fac­tur­ing liv­ing accom­mo­da­tion on loca­tion. As they laughed, some told me it will never hap­pen and the rest told me it will take another 50 years.
As they laughed, they told me why it will never hap­pen or why it will take 50 year. So I spent my time look­ing at the tech­nol­ogy in every sec­tion of sci­ence to find solu­tions to their reasons.

In 1995 they were still laugh­ing at the space­ship dream but the last of the needed tech­nol­ogy was being devel­oped in other stud­ies.
Peo­ple still laugh at the idea of these space­ships. They laughed when I sug­gested spin­ning part of the space­ship to pro­duce arti­fi­cial grav­ity so we remove the bone and mus­cle degra­da­tion. Our bod­ies will stay strong when we only spend a few hours in the Zero­Grav­ity sec­tion per day. We also include a sec­tion with arti­fi­cial grav­ity twice that of here on Earth for those who want to build their bod­ies. They laughed because the spin would cre­ate Ver­tigo. They laughed when I sug­gested that, with no win­dows, the eyes will never see the spin and so Ver­tigo will be a non-issue. They laughed at the idea of a space­ship with no win­dows. They laughed at the idea of attach­ing a lot of tele­scopic equip­ment to the non-spinning por­tion of the space­ship. With the tele­scopic equip­ment we will be able to study the stars and star­dust in vis­i­ble light, infrared, X-ray, radio and all the other abil­i­ties the Astronomers have devel­oped, shar­ing the stud­ies with the peo­ple of Earth. Mak­ing all the infor­ma­tion avail­able on all the inte­rior walls vie iPad tech­nolo­gies.
They laughed at the inabil­ity to attach the pieces together and have them spin­ning dif­fer­ently. This causes ware and need lubri­ca­tion. Bear­ings, grease and oil will not work.
When I sug­gested using mag­netic lev­i­ta­tion to attach the indi­vid­ual por­tions remov­ing the wear and need for lubri­ca­tion but still allow­ing us to spin dif­fer­ent sec­tions of the space­ship indi­vid­u­ally, they laughed at about the food sup­ply. When I showed them the gar­dens in the space­ship that can feed almost 40 peo­ple, they laughed at the poop prob­lem. When I showed them the sec­tion of the gar­dens that is used to pre­pare the poop for pot­ting soil, they laughed about the solar radi­a­tion that passes through up to 3 feet of lead, killing the crew. I ask them did man walk on the Moon? Then I show them the wiring that makes each space­ship into a big hol­low bar mag­net. The mag­net­ism will attract mag­netic solar radi­a­tion and fun­nel it into the hol­low core of the space­ship, around the humans and gar­dens. They laughed at the name Plas­ma­Core that we gave to the hol­low core where the plasma is col­lected. They laugh about the tem­per­a­ture. Col­lect­ing who knows how much plasma at 27,000 degrees, could get a lit­tle hot. Then they laugh at the idea of using the same tech­nol­ogy that the Hadron Col­lider uses to mag­net­i­cally move one elec­tron, to expel the col­lected plasma pro­duc­ing thrust.
Then they laughed at the cost. If it cost between 12 and 20 mil­lion to lift one lit­tle satel­lite, who will afford to lift 6 mil­lion pounds of infra­struc­ture. When they heard that each launch will lift 6 satel­lites, they laughed. Who will be your clien­tele? Then they laughed at the idea of hav­ing the robotic arms spin­ning around the space­ship and releas­ing the satel­lites, sling­ing them into any orbit of our clients choice.

Then they laughed at the cost. You and I cant afford that. Who is going to invest with no promise of a return? Then they laughed at the idea of using the first ten space­ships as HotelsIn­Space that can sleep 216 guests, to repay all the investors. Who can afford it? With time and profit shares included.
Soon they began laugh­ing at the idea of Tasha9503 buy­ing sev­eral land­ing crafts from other com­pa­nies. Each land­ing craft will lift 213 peo­ple per launch to help pay the launch costs.
Then they laughed at the num­bers. The space­ship sleeps 216 guests but the land­ing vehi­cle only lifts 213 peo­ple. Are the extra beds for aliens? So I try to explain, the12 staff do not use any of the 216 guests beds, only 200 will be used the first week but not all cus­tomers will be stay­ing a week. Some may stay two weeks or a month, maybe more. The first down flight may not land all 200 guests. If only 150 peo­ple land, then there is only sleep­ing for 166 new guests for next launch.

Then they laughed at the idea of hav­ing built into every staff room, med­ical and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal equip­ment.
But as the major­ity were still laugh­ing, peo­ple in the know started to take notice. All the rea­sons why we can­not move off Earth are dis­ap­pear­ing.
The laugh­ter goes on still today.
They laugh at the time it will take to travel. It takes too much time to travel from one planet to another; imag­ine how much time it will take to travel to another star.
Then they laugh at our life expectancy increas­ing plan. The gen­er­a­tion that leaves Earth will repro­duce at the age of 30, their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 33. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 36. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 39. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 43, their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 47. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 51. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 56. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 61. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 67. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 73. Their chil­dren repro­duce at the age of 80. Each gen­er­a­tion repro­duces at the age their par­ents repro­duces plus 10 % This increase will be slow enough to allow the human genome to adjust to the liv­ing con­di­tions and expectancy. Some of the peo­ple who were laugh­ing a lit­tle less sug­gest we increase the repro­duc­tion age by 5%, not 10% to allow the DNA to adjust with more ease. Some peo­ple laugh at the idea that in a few gen­er­a­tions the par­ents will have chil­dren that are 400 years old and still not hit puberty.
Still other laughed at the air sup­ply. When I sug­gested using a copy of the air fil­ters and con­di­tion­ers they use in sub­marines and the in the ISS they laughed and told me they are removed and repaired and cleaned more than once a year. They also laughed at the idea of col­lect­ing water ice from the aster­oids or Rings of Sat­urn and using the oxy­gen found there. They began laugh­ing less at the idea of hav­ing tele­scopic equip­ment that farm from Earth look­ing at the stars with Earth pro­duc­ing bifo­cal vision.
Then, as peo­ple started to under­stand that these space­ships, designed by tasha9503, is fea­si­ble and actu­ally pos­si­ble to mass pro­duce, they started to laugh at the com­pany name, Tasha9503. It sounds like a joke. They also began laugh­ing at the per­son who put all the tech­nol­ogy together.
What are my qual­i­fi­ca­tions? Why do I think I can do what the great­est minds on Earth can’t? I remind them that when Thomas Edi­son was being ridiculed for wast­ing his time with his dream of the oil less light, he was reported to reply, I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that it will not work. They still laughed at Thomas even after his first few lights were burn­ing. Where were peo­ple going to get the elec­tric­ity to run their light? Thomas spent his time hid­ing from pub­lic view as he did his stud­ies and exper­i­ments in secret. Remem­ber Ben­jamin Franklin? He was the fool that tied a key to a kite string and flew it in a thun­der storm. The greater the mind, the louder the laugh­ter. It makes me proud that I am one who is doing what peo­ple laugh at. They laughed at the fool who sug­gested that the Earth goes around the sun. Every­one knew the sun went around the Earth. Remem­ber Wal­ter Dis­ney? He went bank­rupt 6 times, once after each of his first 6 movies. Alexan­der Gra­ham Bell was also laughed at for try­ing to build the fly­ing machine. And when the very first tele­phone con­ver­sa­tion was tak­ing place between build­ing, peo­ple were laugh­ing at him for wast­ing his time. Who would ever want to talk on a tele­phone?
My qual­i­fi­ca­tions? I spent sev­eral years build­ing a suc­cess­ful busi­ness, after spend­ing sev­eral years try­ing to build unsuc­cess­ful busi­nesses. I spent years search­ing the answers to the ques­tion, “Why can we not move to the Aster­oid belt to mine, smelt and man­u­fac­ture liv­ing accom­mo­da­tions on loca­tion. I am the first to put all the tech­nol­ogy together in the proper assort­ment to work for my dream of life off Earth. I never plan to land on another planet or moon. I want to fly around the Aster­oid Belt, from one rock to then next, min­ing all the way. If we land on a planet we will be trapped there as we are trapped here. If we can sur­vive within a space­ship for 5 years or 50 years, why get out and die of solar radi­a­tion? When at the Aster­oid Belt we can share our stud­ies of the stars with Earth and it will be like hav­ing a bifo­cal view. When we have three at the Aster­oid belt and one at the Rings of Sat­urn, it will be like widen­ing our bifo­cal view by 20 AU (AU= aver­age dis­tance between the Sun and the Earth) our study of the cos­mos will improve drastically.

When the peo­ple who laughed saw that these space­ships are a real pos­si­bil­ity and the only rea­son they are not being built now is finan­cial, they began to laugh at me instead of the space­ship. I did not spend years in col­lage learn­ing rocket sci­ence, so how could I know what I am talk­ing about? Per­son­ally, I would pre­fer to pay some­one who did do the school­ing. Remem­ber, up until 1995, this was impos­si­ble, so why would I school myself to learn only a small por­tion of the needed tech­nol­ogy? They laugh at me because I did not spend years in uni­ver­sity learn­ing about rocket fuels so I can­not know what I am talk­ing about. Again I would rather pay some­one who did spend the years in schools. Some laugh at me because I did not go to school to learn Biol­ogy, so how can I design a place to quickly turn poop into pot­ting soil? I tell them there are other peo­ple doing that. I just need money to buy the tech­nol­ogy from them. Remem­ber, the dream of a space­ship only became pos­si­ble in 1995 and few know that yet.

They laughed at me now, not the space­ship, because they are begin­ning to under­stand how it works. Some peo­ple now laugh at me because I pub­lished on the net the design and how to build these space­ships to make them work. They laugh because now any­one with money can steal the design. I agree with this laugh because they are cor­rect. Any­one can steal the design. If I die before Tasha9503 gets a run­ning start, I made it pos­si­ble so that some­one can steal the idea and help life evolve past the moon, with­out me. I could die in an auto­mo­bile acci­dent any day. I do not want the answer to their ques­tions lost. So I pub­lished the design. Laugh as they do. I also pub­lished the design to help sell it to the world. Now that even you can see how these space­ships work you can be con­vinced to invest as lit­tle as $25/week.
Those who want to wait, may have to wait 20 years until I die before they can steal the plans. Hope­fully, by the time I die, Tasha9503 will be in full motion. In August of 2012 the first Pay­Pal pur­chase was made. Once we get the first ten sub­scribers, it will not be long before we can afford qual­ity media pro­mo­tions. The next 100 sub­scribers will be close behind, then hav­ing an adver­tis­ing bud­get. Once we get about 50 sub­scribers, peo­ple with big money will see that HotelsIn­Space will be a finan­cially prof­itable invest­ment and with the time shares included, this is lit­er­ally the best thing going. Tash9503 will be the best thing that hap­pend to world econ­omy since… Around that time, min­ing cor­po­ra­tions, hotel chains and movie pro­duc­ers will begin to invest see­ing the profit poten­tial. I have invited all hotels chains to buy in and own part of the HotelsIn­Space. Still peo­ple laugh, because I can’t afford to build on my own. Peo­ple laugh when I tell them that I only need 1,000,000 peo­ple invest­ing $25/week. One mil­lion peo­ple.
Many peo­ple laugh at the idea of sell­ing the space­ships like con­do­mini­ums. They laugh because if any com­pany or indi­vid­ual buys 10%, they can take the 10th and own it all with no time or profit shares in the first nine. Then they have their own space­ship bought and paid for and every­one elses time and profit share will increase. They laugh because if some orga­ni­za­tion buys 51 % they can trade and take every sec­ond space­ship we pro­duce. Then some will laugh because if they only own enough to pro­duce a profit share of $100 per month, as soon as some­one trades for a space­ship, every­one else’s shares go up. So your $100 monthly share will soon dou­ble, then triple and so on.
If you only own 1% and Tasha9503 builds 100 space­ships you can trade your time and profit shares for your own space­ship. Tasha9503 must sell 85% of what we put in space to raise start-up funds. So when we build 50 space­ships; 10 will be orbit­ing Earth as HotelsIn­Space, pro­duc­ing profit shares, 5 of them will be min­ing the Aster­oid belt and study­ing the stars, 35 space­ships will be traded off for own­er­ship and only the own­ers can decide where they take them.
Peo­ple laugh at me because I did not study the sci­ences needed to build space­ships. They are cor­rect. When I started this project, space­ships were impos­si­ble. All I stud­ied is why they were impos­si­ble. Peo­ple laughed at my ques­tions as they gave me their answers. They did not know that their answers gave me more to study, like the radi­a­tion prob­lem, the ver­tigo prob­lem, the food prob­lem, the lubri­ca­tion prob­lem, the breath­able air prob­lem and on and on. They still laugh at me because instead of study­ing all the work­ings of all the indi­vid­ual tech­nolo­gies, I just stud­ied how to make them all work together. I designed this ship from the works of oth­ers. In the 40’s peo­ple were fig­ur­ing out rocket engines. In the 60’s peo­ple were fig­ur­ing out launch codes. There are peo­ple today, peo­ple with money, fig­ur­ing out bet­ter fuel mix­tures, rocket engine shapes, fuel per pound ratios and all the other tech­nolo­gies I need to use. I want all the walls cov­ered with iPad tech­nol­ogy but instead of devel­op­ing it myself I would rather pay for the tech­nol­ogy and design it in.
Peo­ple laugh at me because I am ask­ing one mil­lion peo­ple to invest $25/week for 7 years so that I can build HotelsIn­Space. A mil­lion peo­ple, is not that many peo­ple. I fig­ure about 0.00012% of the total num­ber of peo­ple on Earth. They laugh after see­ing the math when I tell them we do not need a mil­lion peo­ple invest­ing $25/week because every time some­one invests $2,000,000 to buy a one week per year stay at the HotelsIn­Space, we need 219 less peo­ple invest­ing the $25/week. If we find 3500 peo­ple to invest $2,000,000 each, we don’t need any­one invest­ing the $25/week. They laugh because I feel they can be repaid from the rent we col­lect. Who will Tasha9503 rent to? Who will pay $1,000,000 to float around in space for a week? Who are all the cus­tomers that need satel­lites launched? The peo­ple who laughed are start­ing to real­ize that $1,000,000 rents a unit but the unit sleeps three. They now fig­ure that if three peo­ple share the rent, it is only $333,333.33 each. Sud­denly three times as many peo­ple can afford to rent. Once we have five space­ships orbit­ing Earth, we may have vacan­cies but by then the $25 weekly invest­ment will be show­ing returns of $90/week. Tasha9503 plans to have ten HotelsIn­Space orbit­ing Earth col­lect­ing rent and pay­ing out profit shares and col­lect­ing Space­Junk so the weekly return will be $180/week. Peo­ple laugh at such a small return, for­get­ting that the $25/week for 7 years is only $9,100 invest­ment. If the return aver­ages $100/week, the ini­tial invest­ment is paid back in less than three years and the profit shares keep rolling in, every time another cus­tomer pays rent.
Then peo­ple started to laugh at the land­ing craft lift­ing 213 peo­ple. Why only 213 peo­ple when the hotel sleep 216 guests? I tell them 200 seats are for pay­ing cus­tomers at $100,000 per seat. That $20,000,000 will help sup­ple­ment launch costs. 12 seats are for staff and 1 seat is a lot­tery draw. Then they laugh some more at the word lot­tery. What lot­tery? So I tell them, every Pay­Pal pur­chase of the space­ships we build is con­sid­ered a lot­tery ticket. Every launch we will pick a name from all the peo­ple who invested via Pay­Pal and offer them a free week in the space­ship they helped pay for, with a sec­ond and third run­ner up for next launch. We must assume not every­one who invests the $25/week will be will­ing to blast off with us. Some peo­ple won’t fly some won’t get on a boat. All they invested for is the finan­cial returns that they can spend and their chil­dren can spend.
But peo­ple still laugh.
And every time some­one laughs, I feel more proud, remem­ber­ing all the peo­ple from our his­tory that were laughed at, like God­dard, the Write Broth­ers and so many more. Draw­ings that Da Vinci drew were taken from paper to hard­ware 400 years after he died, only to find that they worked as planned by Leonard. Not all his draw­ing worked. Da Vinci feared theft so he left out parts of the draw­ings and added extra parts so peo­ple could not steal his ideas. Leonard Da Vinci was laughed at for a lot of his think­ing. He dreamed of fly­ing and every­one knew that man will never fly.
There was a time when every­one knew the Earth is flat.
But don’t get me wrong, peo­ple who do not under­stand how these space­ships work still laugh loudly. Peo­ple who are look­ing at the plans and draw­ings and text found on our sites are fig­ur­ing it out and are laugh­ing less. Some are laugh­ing at the fact that they did not fig­ure it out first.

Do you laugh at me or with me?
Will you hol­i­day in space with tasha9503?

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