To Sell a Spaceship for space travel.

To Sell a spaceship

To see this project through, funds must be raised, so a pro­gram has been devel­oped list­ing most of the pos­i­tive aspects of using this newly designed rocket.

Time in the Space­ship is being sold by the sec­ond, $3.30/second, sold in lots of $25 via PayPal.

Tasha9503 needs 1,000,000 peo­ple to Sub­scribe, invest­ing $25/week for seven years via PayPal.

Sub­scribers will own time shares in the Space­ship with profit shares.

Each Pay­Pal trans­ac­tion is treated as a lot­tery ticket for one of the 213 seats each launch.

That would work, or we can sell to some­one else.

2,000 peo­ple invest­ing $3,500,000 each will pay for the real­iza­tion of this dream.

The % you own will be used to cal­cu­late profit shares.

25% of all rental income will be used as profit shares.

The % you own will be used to cal­cu­late a time share.

If you own 1.914 days per year in the first Space­ship, you will own 9.57 days when there is five Spaceships.

You will own 19.14 days per year when we have ten Space­ships orbit­ing Earth.

Subscriber’s unused time will be car­ried over to the next year.

Tasha9503 plans to mass pro­duce between 2 and 8 Space­ships yearly.


In Jan­u­ary of 2011, invest­ment agen­cies around the world were con­tacted look­ing for large sums of money needed to kick start this project.

The text sent kept chang­ing until the fol­low­ing was set­tled on.


We have a design for a 100% reusable rocket for sale.

Why own this new design for a rocket?

- Saves every­one money on launch costs.

- Pro­duces Zero­Space­Junk other than fuel exhaust.

- Includes the abil­ity to col­lect old SpaceJunk.

- Pro­duces hun­dreds of Astro­nauts per launch.

- Pro­duces infra­struc­ture that can be used as a Spaceship.

- Deigned with expan­sion capa­bil­i­ties, Phase 2.

- Is for sale between now and the day we open for rent.

- Is designed to pro­duce an ongo­ing profit.

Infra­struc­ture includes

- Life sup­port for 36 peo­ple on AwayMissions.

- Sleep­ing for 216 party guests.

- Restau­rant seat­ing for 192 people.

- Six lev­els of arti­fi­cial grav­ity between Zero and Two times Earth’s gravity.

- Six large social­iz­ing arias.

- Six large sport and gam­ing arias.

- Six indi­vid­ual Zero­Grav­ity sec­tions for sci­ence, sports and sex and games.

- Six sep­a­rate gar­den­ing sec­tions for AwayMissions.

- Eigh­teen loung­ing arias.

- 72 units that each sleeps 3 for rent.

With your help we could mass pro­duce Space­ship, lift­ing six satel­lites, 213 peo­ple and 1/6 of the next Space­ship each launch.

A profit is made lift­ing satellites.

We attach, clean, ren­o­vate and reuse six rock­ets to pro­duce one Spaceship.

Each launch lifts a robotic arm so each space­ship has 6 robotic arms.

Profit is pro­duced rent­ing the Spaceship.

Fund­ing is needed to get the busi­ness off the ground.

The day we open for rent is the day we stop sell­ing the business.

85% of the busi­ness is being sold to raise funds.

25% of rental income will pro­duce profit shares.

Youtube is being used to show what the basic infra­struc­ture will look like, with­out newly devel­oped tech­nol­ogy or inte­rior decorations.

With your help we could mass pro­duce mul­ti­ple Space­ships yearly.

Busi­ness Plan

Outer view



First web site from years ago.

This blog.


Learn­ing that doing any­thing is pos­si­ble but doing every­thing was not, my atten­tion turned to space.


$2,000,000 buys the use of one unit for one week every year We have one space­ship hear at earth. We plan to have 10 space­ships here at Earth before we take one on an AwayMission.

$2,000,000 buys approx­i­mately 0.0228937% of all the infra­struc­ture Tasha9503 puts in outer space. 

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