Transportation to and in spaceships.

The space­ship has been designed for sim­ple attach­ment to two other space­ships and up to six pub­lic trans­porta­tion vehi­cles.
After lift­ing the 213 pas­sen­gers, the rocket that lifted the pas­sen­ger craft, has one dock­ing bay. When six rock­ets are attached, pro­duc­ing one 6 armed space­ship, it has six of every­thing but what it has more of.
“2001 A Space Odyssey”, taught us to spin the space sta­tions. Each space­ship will have one end in 0g, not rotat­ing, and the remain­der spin­ning to cre­ate arti­fi­cial grav­ity (attached mag­net­i­cally to elim­i­nate fric­tion).
The non spin­ning sec­tion can be attached to the spin­ning sec­tion of the next space­ship, mag­net­i­cally. The space­ships can be used as Hotels In Space.
The non spin­ning sec­tion is where the dock­ing bays are. This is the sec­tion all the cam­eras and dishes are for com­mu­ni­cat­ing and star gaz­ing.
When the space­ship is taken on an AwayMis­sion, it will expel the plasma it col­lects from its sur­round­ings for thrust. It will also cool some of the plasma and allow the gas to escape, pro­duc­ing thrust. It will also cool the gasses and study the liq­uid to see if we can pro­duce thrust. Cool­ing the plasma all the way to a solid state pro­duc­ing elec­tri­cal energy all the way. The fuel to take us to the aster­oid belt and all the way around it is gath­ered as we go.

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