University and NASA space science needed for space travel in this spaceship.

NASA asked the uni­ver­si­ties to design exper­i­ments that can only be stud­ies in space. Unfor­tu­nately Tasha9503 is not yet affil­i­ated with any Uni­ver­sity but we have an exper­i­ment we need studied.

So I am call­ing out to all Uni­ver­si­ties, look­ing for one who would be inter­ested in study­ing solar plasma. Please con­tact Trevor at for unlisted details of the experiment.

Tasha9503 wants to col­lect some plasma but the Uni­ver­sity can keep it, Tasha9503 just wants to be sure we can manip­u­late it as we plan to.

The exper­i­ment will include build­ing three small incom­plete ver­sions of the space­ship tasha9503 has designed, send­ing them up to space, and releas­ing them into the clouds of plasma. The only part of the space­ship we need for these exper­i­ments is the Plas­ma­Core and the first floor and ceil­ing mag­netic wiring.

The hard­ware will resem­ble the space­ship and is to see how much thrust we can pro­duce and what the plasma becomes when cooled.

We have three ver­sions of the exper­i­ment with three pieces of hard ware.

Exper­i­ment One, has both ends of the Hol­low Bar Mag­net (Plas­ma­Core) opened, allow­ing the plasma to be col­lected and the gas it forms to dis­si­pate. Then we exper­i­ment by expelling the col­lected plasma, try­ing to pro­duce thrust and cal­cu­lat­ing the amount of thrust produced.

Exper­i­ment Two, has both ends of the Hol­low Bar Mag­net (Plas­ma­Core) cov­ered but open able with a semi per­me­able mem­brane, allow­ing the plasma to enter but the gas to be retained. Again we want to expel the plasma to cal­cu­late the pro­duced thrust. But this time we want to study the gas the col­lected plasma becomes when it cools as well. How much thrust is pro­duced when allow­ing the gas to escape through one end?

We must know if the insu­la­tion pro­tects the Hard­ware. We must know the tem­per­a­ture of the gas. We must know if the semi per­me­able cover allows plasma to pass but not the gas.

We want to study the gas. And some uni­ver­si­ties are pre­pared for that.

Exper­i­ment Three, has both ends of the Hol­low Bar Mag­net cov­ered. This exper­i­ment is the same as the sec­ond but the hard­ware will be made out of dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als. We want to study the affect alu­minium has when mag­net­i­cally col­lect­ing solar plasma in the PlasmaCore.

Fur­ther exper­i­ments can be per­formed with the same hard­ware. We want to attempt to manip­u­late the plasma by intro­duc­ing dif­fer­ent ele­ments in the cen­ter of the Hol­low Bar Mag­net prior to col­lect­ing the plasma.

Does the intro­duced ele­ment absorb some of the heat from the Plasma and melt, steam or become plasma? Does the plasma attach itself to the ele­ments and mimic it, there by becom­ing orga­nized like the ele­ment and becom­ing the ele­ment. Is the plasma pre orga­nized and always re become what it was when it was last a solid?

We want an inter­ested uni­ver­sity to con­tacts us about these space exper­i­ments so can share more detail as to how to build the hard­ware, the soft ware and other details unlisted here.

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