We don’t offer warp speed, laser guns, Aliens or beam me up Scotty with these spaceships.

Other than damper shields, laser guns, warp speed, Klin­gons, Romu­lan or beam me up Scotty, the Star Trek audi­ence did invent the auto­matic doors, the com­mu­ni­ca­tion devices and the Jefrstub. They also devel­oped the doc­tors tools, the Plas­ma­Core and the thrust capa­bil­i­ties. Then you pro­duced the tech­nol­ogy to put it all in space, in air tight, life sup­port­ing vehi­cles at an afford­able cost and then cover all the walls with iPad tech­nol­ogy. We also fig­ured out how to mass pro­duce these space­ships every six launches. Every time we build another space­ship, we have another six armed satel­lite col­lect­ing the space junk it orbits close to. Now NASA has an XPrize to build the tri­corder.
Any life form that has the abil­ity to sur­vive in space has no use of plan­ets. They would rather learn and repro­duce with the smaller cos­mic dust. The chances of life evolv­ing, there for sur­viv­ing, in our atmos­pheric con­di­tions are low so they need not our planet. Tasha9503 has no plans to meet or deal with aliens These space­ships are not star ships. They are not equipped to travel to the next star. We leave that to the next gen­er­a­tion.
But I can not afford it. You can’t afford it. But if you col­lec­tively sub­scribe for $25/week, for seven years, becom­ing own­ers, we can afford it. Your tax dol­lars will not do it. This is a prof­itable busi­ness. It has to be pri­vately funded. Before we have one mil­lion sub­scribers, we will be able to afford it. When you sub­scribe you become one of us, you will own a per­cent of every space­ship here orbit­ing Earth. Can you see past the Pie In The Sky to see the HotelsIn­Space? Before we have a thou­sand sub­scribers both the rich and wealthy will see a profit and will invest big bucks. The Mars Soci­ety may invest their knowl­edge. Any min­ing cor­po­ra­tion may like the idea of min­ing the Aster­oid Belt. Every launch we fill the seats with 1 sub­scriber, 12 staff and 200 pas­sen­gers. We also lift 6 satel­lite pay­loads to help share the launch costs. Will you fly with us or col­lect shares every time some­one else flies with us. Or both? You may be one who never tasks your feet off the ground. Your name will be found on this site as your prof of own­er­ship when your sub­scrip­tion begins. Their names are found on this site. http://livinginspace.org/living_in_space_contributors
Say­ing all that, what we do offer the guests at these HotelsIn­Space is an expe­ri­ence of a life time. Did you read the archived arti­cles? The arti­cles are bet­ter than the pages.
With the six arti­fi­cial grav­ity sec­tions new games and sports will quickly be devel­oped. With the curved floors, the sport­ing are­nas will be an all mew experience.

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