What’s in these spaceships?

Start­ing in the restau­rants, top floor, we call the first floor, look at the coun­ters. Under the coun­ters you will find a few fridges and freez­ers for food. You will also find dry goods for food prepa­ra­tion. We only show a few sinks in this first video but will have more. Adding more as puke col­lec­tors the Vomit Comet sug­gests. With the sinks you will find water sep­a­ra­tors. Watered poured down the drain will go through the first of many water sep­a­ra­tors. Remove some of the water here and putting it back for the taps send­ing the rest of the water and stuff down to the Jer­stub to be taken to the gar­den­ing sec­tion for fur­ther sep­a­ra­tion.
This is where you come in. We need your sub­scrip­tion of $25/week so we can afford to build these parts.
Under the coun­ters you will also find air con­di­tion­ers for adding or remov­ing humid­ity, car­bon diox­ide, oxy­gen and other ele­ments.
This is also another space to place redun­dant mem­ory stor­age devices for the computers.

Plumb­ing, wiring, mem­ory stor­age and fibre optics can also be found under the coun­ters.
The plumb­ing is also con­nected to the ele­va­tors, we call upper and lower Jefrstub, for mov­ing liq­uid, solid waste and mem­ory to the other sec­tions of the space­ship. All this con­nect to the Dock­ing Bays for trans­fer­ring it to and from the land­ing crafts.

This again is where you come in. We need your sub­scrip­tion of $25/week so we can afford to build these parts.

Look­ing at the benches on the sec­ond floor you will find within them stor­age places, air fil­ters, water treat­ment equip­ment, as well as wiring and plumb­ing and mem­ory stor­age devices.
Again we need your $25/week to afford these parts.

Going down to the third floor, again you will find benches. The benches on the third floor will run the full length of the walls they are attached to in the next video, to allow more room for air and water puri­fiers. Some believe we will not need so many air and water puri­fiers but we have room for redun­dancy and will take advan­tage of every­thing we can to make these HotelsIn­Space safe for all guests.
When the first space­ship passes the moon on an AwayMis­sion, we want to know that with a lit­tle main­te­nance, these ships can last 2000 years or more.

Within the Jefrstub’s, sep­a­rate from the pas­sen­ger sec­tion, there will be pumps and tanks to assist in the trans­port of liq­uids and gasses to and from the three sep­a­rate sec­tions of the space­ship as well as to and from the land­ing crafts.
Once we get a bunch more Sub­scribers, buy­ing $25/week of these space­ships, big money will be invested. For $2,000,000, any­one can buy the use of one unit for one week every year we have one space­ship at Earth. When we have two here, you will own the use of the unit for 2 weeks every year. We will have 10 space­ships before one leaves on an AwayMis­sion so if you buy the use on one unit for 6 weeks for $12,000,000 when we have ten orbit­ing Earth, you will own the use of one unit for 52 weeks a year and you also own a sec­ond unit for 8 weeks every year for friends or rent. We will be rent­ing the units out for $1,000,000/week. If you do not use your time share you can rent it to whomever for how­ever much you can. Or Tasha9503 rents it out and your share is 25%

Big money will get a big return.
Lit­tle money will get a lit­tle return.
No money could get a return.
Invest­ing your ser­vices get the best return.
It is some of you we will be hir­ing.
We need a $100,000 web­site built and if your com­pany builds it as trade for part of our adver­tis­ing bud­get, it is the same as you invest­ing the $100,000 and we pay some­one else. There are lots of com­pa­nies who could build the site.
If your com­pany pro­duces $100,000 worth of adver­tis­ing for trade and owns that much of tasha9503, your name will appear on or Con­trib­u­tors.
Tax dol­lars will not build these space­ships so it is up to you indi­vid­u­als.
Tasha9503 has the design, you have the money.
You invest and you own it, with time and profit shares.
Your money built the Inter­na­tional Space Sta­tion (ISS), but who owns it?
Your dol­lars built the deliv­ery ship that built and sup­plies the ISS.
Did one of you win a trip on any of the launches?
Humans liv­ing off the Earth might be the next evo­lu­tion­ary step.

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