When will we build these HotelsInSpace and start space travel in these spaceships.?

When this takes shape is up to you. After we find a few investors, we will begin adver­tis­ing on a global scale. When we find more investors we will hun­ker down and get to work.

Once we have the first $100,000 Spent on adver­tis­ing and we see an income we will put the busi­ness plan in action.


So we hire engi­neers to work out the final plans with accu­rate numbers.

We design the facil­i­ties to build and launch.

We buy the land and build roads.

We build the facil­i­ties and buy supplies.

So, If we had $7,488,000,000 today we would open for rent in 7 years.

The money will start slow and speed up as we progress.

I per­son­ally think we will not open for rent before 12 years but Tasha9503 could open the first space­ship for rent in 10 years if more peo­ple like you sub­scribe, pur­chas­ing $25 per week and own­ing time and profit shares.

One mil­lion peo­ple buy­ing $25/week for seven years. Subscribe.

Long before one quar­ter of you sub­scribe some one will invest millions.

If you buy 51% today, we could build in seven years.

StarTrek­This­Gen­er­a­tion in slow motion.

Tasha9503 does not offer buffer fields, warp drive or beam me up Scottie.

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