Who wants to own these spaceships.

When robots were intro­duced to Amer­ica, they were attack­ing us, movie mad­ness.
Japan made them a gift to ManKind, toys.
Canada made them use­ful in space, the robotic arm.
When space­ships were intro­duced to ManKind, they were attack­ing us, War of the Worlds.
The first space­ships known to ManKind will be Man­Made.
Tasha9503 has one ready to be built but we need your $25/weekly sub­scrip­tion.
We need a min­ing cor­po­ra­tion to buy 25% and begin min­ing the Aster­oid Belt for gold, nickel, cop­per and every other ele­ment found ear­lier than planned.
We need a sports orga­ni­za­tion to buy 4% and take advan­tage of our 2g sec­tion.
We need a movie cor­po­ra­tion to buy 8% and orga­nize the use of one of the 0g sec­tions.
A gov­ern­ment may buy any per­cent they want.
Com­pa­nies like Face­book could buy 51%
You can buy as much as you want up to 85%
Why do you think we can’t make these space­ships? Tell us in a com­ment.
We are sell­ing time and profit shares to peo­ple like you.
Tasha9503 can’t afford the prop­erty, build the roads or fac­to­ries, launch pad, and pay util­i­ties.
Not till Tasha9503 opens your first space­ship for rent.
You know the story, if you read all the Archives.
Do you want to own time and profit shares?
Tasha9503 can do it with your money.
With the explo­sion of tech­nol­ogy today, in the seven years till we get off the ground, the view­ing we gave in the first video will be out­dated.
With your money we will show the progress with a sec­ond walk through, more user friendly, video.
New sci­ences, activ­i­ties and com­mu­ni­ca­tion with inte­rior dec­o­ra­tions will be drawn into the video.

As more peo­ple sub­mit draw­ings we can show you ideas for the third floor and Zero­Grav­ity sections.

You are the first gen­er­a­tion to be able to own a space­ship.
Prob­a­bly the only gen­er­a­tion able to buy a space­ship, unless you wait for your chil­dren you design phase 2 that raps around floor five and attaches to the robotic arms tracks.
Once we open for rent, no new own­ers. It’s pay­back time. Time shares for some and profit shares for all.

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