Will we evolve in these spaceships?

Slowly, but every day, the Earth gets big­ger. Lit­tle Mete­orites rain down every day. Our Mag­ne­tos­phere sucks in clouds of plasma, cool­ing it to gas, liq­uid and solids, every hour, so Earth changes. And slowly over the gen­er­a­tions, the DNA reshapes the body to make life eas­ier. Every now and then a BIG rock hits Earth and alters its spin, orbit and grav­i­ta­tion. The DNA strug­gles to 1) sur­vive, 2) repro­duce and 3) make it easier.

What will our DNA do after mov­ing into these Space­ships? When a crew of 12 peo­ple pass our moon and it takes 15 years to reach the Aster­oid Belt. Dur­ing that time, all twelve peo­ple spend time in all 6 arti­fi­cial grav­ity zones, between zero and two times the grav­ity at sea level on Earth. Dur­ing the tenth year, all six women get preg­nant. Is the DNA so fast that it will have begun reshap­ing the human body this gen­er­a­tion? The veg­eta­bles (food) will have gone through 10 gen­er­a­tions and may be show­ing any changes if any are tak­ing place. After Humans have spent 10 gen­er­a­tions within one of these space­ships, will the human body take on a new shape? A shape that makes life eas­ier under the new conditions.

The humans and plants will be grow­ing in a dif­fer­ent place with dif­fer­ent con­di­tions than here on Earth. The atmos­pheric pres­sure will be lower like it was a cou­ple of bil­lion years ago on Earth. The level of arti­fi­cial grav­ity will be fluc­tu­at­ing like it NEVER did on Earth. How will our DNA react? Will our feet grow to help us sta­bi­lize our bod­ies on these curved floors? Will our chest cav­i­ties grow or shrink due to the cho­sen lev­els of atmos­pheric gasses within these space­ships? Will our brains increase in size because we teach the chil­dren to read as they learn to talk and have them read every day, all their lives show­ing by example.

Can we humans, with the help of visual stim­u­la­tion show our DNA a mew shape for our bod­ies to evolve into?

These Space­ships are our next evo­lu­tion­ary step. We will never have to run from fear. We will never go hun­gry. Our brains will be used like never before. Life with in these space­ships on away mis­sions will be very sim­ple. The only dif­fi­culty will be stick­ing to the rules. Rules like who repro­duces with who and when. Rules like sleep­ing and eat­ing pat­terns. Rules like mak­ing time to read every day, so every­one knows how to repro­duce all the needed parts of the space­ship. Rules like spend­ing time search­ing for space dust on a col­li­sion course with this and other space­ships, and shar­ing new­found space dust tra­jec­to­ries with all the other spaceships.

We will be grow­ing our food within the space­ship. We will be tak­ing the space­ship to the rocks we will be min­ing. The robotic arms will be min­ing the Aster­oids and pass­ing the mate­r­ial into the space­ship. The humans will be smelt­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing within the spaceships.

some of the changes the DNA have made to the design of the human body are known but future changes will remain unknown until t is part of our history.

Now let’s look at the DNA in an other space­ship that went to a dif­fer­ent loca­tion in our solar sys­tem. Hav­ing the DNA suf­fer­ing all the same con­di­tions but with dif­fer­ent food, will they make the same deci­sions? Will the DNA reshape the human body in this space­ship the same as it reshapes the human body in that space­ship? Look at the dif­fer­ences in the human species here on earth. Peo­ple sep­a­rated by con­ti­nents look dif­fer­ent. In ten gen­er­a­tions, the peo­ple in one space­ship may not be able to repro­duce with the peo­ple in other space­ships. I assume they will for hun­dreds of gen­er­a­tions and for­ever if the space­ships meet and the blood line mixed.

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