Windows in spaceships

When inside a space­ship, all the walls will be floor to ceil­ing iPad tech­nol­ogy. There will be no thick glass for peo­ple to look through. Walk up to a wall, touch the icon and drag to enlarge. The exte­rior of the zero grav­ity sec­tion will be cov­ered with view­ing equip­ment for study of the cos­mos and com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Six launches lift­ing six hub­ble type satel­lites that stay attached to the space­ship. Each robotic arm will have 3 video recorders. Con­nect to the inter­net. Put the iPhone on every wall. Put all the games, video con­fer­enc­ing, lap top abil­i­ties, etc. wall to wall floor to ceil­ing on all ver­ti­cal sur­faces.

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